3 most important factors Week 2 @ Colorado

Texas A&M Football

Jarek Broussard, Colorado Mandatory Football Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas A&M football team will try to start with a 2-0 lead. After a relatively easy clash against Kent State, things will kick off with a trip to Boulder to face the Colorado Buffaloes.

This will mark the tenth showdown between these two teams, with the Buffaloes really having a different advantage in the series. Colorado has won six of the nine competitions between the national team, securing a victory in the last match with a one-point victory in 2009.

On Saturday, the Aggies will try to change the tide of this series. Except for any action in the event of a disaster, this should be exactly what happens. Still, some things have to go well for Texas A&M to get the win.

Factor no. 1: The Texas A&M football team needs to limit Jarek Broussard, Colorado RB

Last season, the Colorado football team suffered an offense between the teams. They averaged 28.5 points per game, which put them in 63rd place in college football. With 128 eligible teams, this is almost as physically average as possible.

In 2021, however, they have the tools to take a big step forward and it starts with Jarek Broussard, the best player on their team.

This was highlighted by one of the strangest single-player performances in college football last season, where Broussard ran more than 300 yards without reaching the final zone even once. I don’t even know how this happens.

The fact is this: the buffalo offense lives and dies based on Broussard’s performance. If the Aggies can limit it, they will have good control over this game.

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