5 things to know for September 10: Coronavirus, Afghanistan, September 11, Texas, China

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1. Coronavirus

2. Afghanistan

The first international passenger flight to take off from Afghanistan from the chaotic U.S. military airlift last month has landed in Qatar with more than 100 foreign nationals, including Americans, a source said. Passengers on the Qatar Airways charter flight from Kabul airport, including Canadian, Ukrainian, German, British and American citizens, were among about 200 foreigners the Taliban have left out of the country. The departure of the plane is the first sign after weeks of uncertainty that at least some foreign nationals who want to leave Afghanistan will be able to. In addition, the last known member of Afghanistan’s Jewish community has left the country and taken with 30 other people, including 28 women and children, on a five-day security mission. The White House approved a plan to coordinate with outside groups to evacuate U.S. citizens and allies, as life under the Taliban rule continues to look bleak, especially for women. Women have been whipped up in protests and now the nation is one of the few that does not have women in the forefront of government.

3. 11-S

As the nation turns twenty years old from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, New York officials say the remains of two more victims have been identified through DNA testing. Dorothy Morgan and a man asking for her name at the request of her family were the 1,646th person and the 1,647th person identified as victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the city’s main medical office said. These were the first World Trade Center victim identifications since October 2019. The remains of more than 1,100 victims (approximately 40% of those who died there) have not yet been identified. Ahead of tomorrow’s anniversary, police are investigating why some American flags from a 9/11 monument in Boston were knocked down or damaged this week. And a pastor who felt called by God to pray on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol on the twentieth anniversary of the attacks will not be able to, a federal judge ruled, because security concerns around the building are still too great.

4. Texas

Biden’s Justice Department has sued Texas over the new six-week abortion ban, claiming state law is unconstitutional. Attorney General Merrick Garland said the “unprecedented” design of Texas law seeks to “prevent women from exercising their constitutional rights by frustrating judicial control for as long as possible.” By law, abortion is prohibited when a fetal heartbeat is detected and there is no exception for rape or incest, although there is an exemption for “medical emergency”. Since the law went into effect, Texas clinics have stopped offering abortions after six weeks or have closed. “The act is clearly unconstitutional under the long-standing Supreme Court precedent,” Garland said. U.S. Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer found the recent high court’s refusal to block the controversial law to be very, very, very wrong.

5. China

Biden spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping as relations between the two countries remain strained, especially in cyberspace, and the United States accuses China of widespread wrongdoing, including massive hacking of Microsoft’s e-mail system. and other ransomware attacks. “The two leaders had a broad strategic debate in which they discussed areas where our interests converge and areas where our interests, values ​​and perspectives diverge,” a reading of the White House call said. An official described the tone of the call, which Biden took from the Treaty Room of the White House residence, as “respectful” and “familiar and frank.” According to Chinese state media, Xi told Biden that US policy toward China has caused “serious difficulties” for countries’ relations. The call marked the second time leaders have spoken since Biden was president.


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