5 things to know for September 2: Afghanistan, Ida, Texas, Elijah McClain, coronavirus

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1. Afghanistan

The Taliban launched a parade in Afghanistan’s second largest city to showcase its recently manufactured U.S. military equipment. In videos posted on social media, the militants showed the hardware left by Afghan and US forces after the withdrawal of the last US troops. Fighters waved white Taliban flags of Humvees and armored vehicles while others dressed in American-style uniforms posing for photos in helicopter cabins. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said he was not concerned about the images because the U.S. had disabled all abandoned equipment at the airport. “They can inspect everything they want … They can look at them … but they can’t make them fly. They can’t handle them,” he said.

2. Ida

Days after Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana, its remains are on a deadly road of destruction in the northeast. At least eight people have been killed in storm-related incidents in New York and New Jersey, authorities said, after Ida’s powerful wreckage generated tornadoes and wetted the region with heavy rains. Drivers abandoned cars as floodwaters turned the streets into swimming pools. New York City issued the first instant flood emergency and suspended subway lines due to rising waters. Flash flood emergencies stretched for 190 miles from west Philadelphia to New York City. Ida erupted a Category 4 storm in Louisiana on Sunday, leaving more than a million customers without electricity and killing at least two people.

3. Texas

A new gun law that went into effect this month in Texas will make it harder for police officers to protect the public from gun violence, experts say. By law, most residents who legally own a firearm can carry it openly without permission or training. The controversial “constitutionality” law is the latest in a series of pro-gun bills passed by state lawmakers this year as incidents of gun violence in Texas and across the country increase. The number of shots fired in Texas increased 14% this year compared to the same period in 2020. “Just allowing almost anyone to carry a handgun in public, no questions asked, no background checks or safety training, it’s really dangerous, ”said Andrew Karwoski, a policy expert at Everytown for Gun Safety.

4. Elijah McClain

A Colorado grand jury charged three officers and two paramedics with the death of Elijah McClain, a young black man who was placed on asphalt and received a sedative. McClain, 23, was arrested by police as he was walking from home to a store in August 2019 in an incident that ended with him in a carotid cellar and he was then injected with ketamine, they reported. the authorities. Officers and paramedics face a charge of homicide and manslaughter for criminal negligence and additional charges for assault. Shortly after the incident, a district attorney had refused to file criminal charges, alleging a lack of evidence to show officers caused McClain’s death. Following protests in Aurora and an online petition, Governor Jared Polis announced a re-examination of the case last year.

5. Coronavirus

There is a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations due to the Delta variant and it affects all age groups. More than 500,000 children tested positive for the virus within three weeks in the United States last month, causing more concerns about face-to-face learning. With low vaccination rates among eligible teens, health experts urged mask warrants as the most effective tool for controlling infections. “The virus is ravaging all these children who are not vaccinated … They have no other protection. They are literally sitting ducks,” says CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner. Health officials are reviewing whether the age of eligibility for the vaccine can be reduced to provide access to Americans 11 years of age or younger.


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“Nothing will get my son back, but I’m grateful that his killers will finally take responsibility.”

LaWayne Mosely, after a grand jury charged police officers and paramedics with the death of her son, Elijah McClain in 2019.


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