A Louisiana man plans to stay in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas – Louisiana residents were evacuated to Texas when Ida touched the Gulf Coast. Darin Bourque, a 50-year-old Louisiana resident, has no plans to return soon.

When Hurricane Ida hit the gulf, it was recorded to see if its brother was evacuated and is safe.

“The other day I texted him,” Bourque said. “I said, ‘Have you heard of the hurricane?’ It’s like you don’t even know it. “

Bourque lived in Louisiana for 50 years and survived dozens of hurricanes, but 16 years ago Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were two of the worst he experienced.

“Rita, I actually went out to my house,” Bourque said. “It was 12 hours of chaos. Terrifying as hell “.

When Laura played in August 2020, she left immediately, not wanting to go through it again.

“I evacuated to Houston, when I came back, I was totally devastated.”

He often says the worst part is waiting to see if his house has gone through the hurricane.

“You have no idea what you’re going to get back from,” Bourque said. “I have so many friends that their houses caught pines and they are totally destroyed.”

Rebuilding and repairing his home after several hurricanes eventually caused him economic and emotional weight.

“After experiencing one and going through one, I will never do it again.” Bourque said. “That’s why I would never go back. It’s my house, but I won’t live there again. It’s just total chaos. It’s stressful. It’s not fun at all.”

Austin has been home for two months now and says he is happy to leave when he left.