A love letter to Texas high school football

With the season starting this week, Vinnie Vinzetta of KENS 5 reminds us why Texas does it better.

SAN ANTONIO – Those who have played know it.

Those who have been there know it.

Those in the great state of Texas, they know.

It’s not that we do it better than anyone, we just do it better than everyone else.

We call it Texas High School football. Friday night lights.

There is something in that night of September, October and November.

During these two hours, our evils of the world have been left behind. Hearts are full. Minds are free.

Maybe it’s innocence? Maybe it’s passion? Maybe it’s both?

Because most fall nights … There’s no place in the world we’d rather be

It is in our DNA. That’s what we do. And we do it right.

There is only something magical. It’s family. Parents. Children. Mares. Girls. Run deep. It always has been. It always will be.

It’s not just football. It’s Texas High School football.

The new gaming season kicks off Thursday night!