A North Texas couple spends 19 days on quarantine cruises

DALLAS: Johnny and Donna Knight, from North Texas, had planned the couple’s 47th birthday trip months in advance. They had their vaccination cards ready to show the cruise line. The seven-day Greek Islands cruise through Norwegian Cruise Lines had always been a deposit list item, and it was also supposed to be the couple’s happy retirement trip.

Everything was going to be planned until they arrived in Greece and Donna tested positive for COVID in Greece.

“I was like asleep:‘ Are you kidding me? “I just couldn’t believe it [it]. I didn’t feel it [sick]”Donna said.

Instead of boarding the ship, they had to quarantine inside a small hotel room in central Athens, Greece. The first of the two consecutive quarantines had them isolated in the room for 10 days and then seven days after they tested positive for COVID again.

“We looked at each other and said, ‘We feel like we’re in prison. We feel like we are in isolation, ”Donna said.

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In total, they would spend 19 days in hotels in Athens. Johnny told WFAA that Greece was also in the middle of an unprecedented heat wave and that its unit’s air conditioning was severely lacking. They walked back and forth inside this small apartment just to exercise. Donna said there were 12 steps from the front to the back of the unit.

“We both wore masks and tried to distance ourselves socially. “Happy birthday!” Donna laughed.

When they weren’t trying out all the avenues of the embassy, ​​they read their Bible, talked to other Americans stranded from the balcony, watched the only TV channel that was occasionally in English, and took silly selfies to lighten up. the mood.

“I was trying to make sure our kids at home knew we were okay,” Donna said. They said her family in Texas was very worried. The gentlemen received three meals a day in their room. They often did not know what the food was.

After nearly 17 days in isolation, a health officer went on to do another round of COVID testing for them.

They knew they could not return home if they were positive for the virus.

Fortunately, both were negative.

“Praise the Lord, we can go home!” Donna remembered. They never ended up boarding a cruise ship. But they did get some sightseeing on the last day.

Johnny told WFAA that Norwegian was very kind. But the couple was so happy that they bought travel insurance, which means they could recover almost everything.

But when you’ve been together for 47 years, what are 19 days?

“It just brought our relationship closer,” Johnny said.

The Knights have no plans to travel soon, especially outside the country. They will wait for the pandemic to end. And when WFAA asked about the first thing they both wanted when they finally got home to Texas, Johnny said: