A&M-Central Texas was named one of the best colleges to work for

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KILLEEN, Texas: The university has recently been named one of the best universities in the country for which it works, based on a survey of about 200 colleges and universities in a special paper from He Chronicle of higher education. At a time when so many things have been so uncertain, wellness efforts at A&M Central Texas play an important role in keeping staff there and satisfied.

A&M Central Texas offers a number of graduate programs and also welcomes students who have started but never finished their degree.

As assistant director of recreation on campus, Jeremy Abshire is in charge of recreation for A&M Central Texas students. His team has recently built a hammock on campus for students to enjoy between classes. Abshire knows everything about work-life balance and well-being. He has worked at the university for almost four years.

“One of my favorite things about working here is the opportunity to get involved in something that’s being built from the ground up, so a lot of the recreational programs we’ve done since I’ve been here are the first time it’s been it looks like this has been offered here, ”Abshire explained.

Tina Flores-Nevarez is part of the cultivation of this environment for employees. She and the HR team recently organized a coloring event to give staff a chance to relax.

“We value well-being because we value our employees,” Flores-Nevarez said. “The wellness program also helps us retain, retain our employees. It’s a valuable advantage that many other employers don’t always promote or use, so it’s part of our culture here.

It’s a culture worth keeping up to date so campus leaders like Abshire can bring back students.

“We try to give people the opportunity to increase their physical health, increase their social commitment and social well-being along with their mental health,” Abshire said.

Credit – https://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/san-antonio/news/2021/09/17/a-m-central-texas-named-one-of-the-best-colleges-in-the-nation-to-work-for