AOC tarnishes Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s “deep ignorance” about abortion

“Speak from this place of deep ignorance … and it’s not just ignorance, it’s ignorance that hurts people across the country,” New York Democrat CNN told Anderson Cooper and “AC360”.

His comments responded to Abbott’s pointed defense of Texas’ controversial law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, which is one of the strictest in the country and bans abortion before many people know she is pregnant. Under Texas law, abortion is prohibited when a fetal heartbeat is detected and there are no exceptions for rape or incest, although there is an exemption for “medical emergencies.”

Asked about the lack of exception to the law for rape or incest, Tuesday before, Abbott defended the six-week period in which abortions are still allowed and pledged to work to “eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas.”

Ocasio-Cortez called the governor’s comments a “disgusting” defense of a law focused on “controlling people who are not cisgender men.”

“I’m sorry to have to break up Biology 101 on national television, but in case no one reported it before her life, a six-week pregnancy means two weeks of delay for menstruation. And two weeks of Delay for anyone – Anyone with a menstrual cycle – can happen if you are stressed, if your diet changes or really for no reason. So you don’t have six weeks, ”she said.

Addressing the governor’s goal of “eliminating rape,” the New York congresswoman argued that “it’s not just predators that roam the streets at night.”

“They’re people’s uncles, they’re teachers, they’re family friends, and when something like that happens, it takes a long time, first and foremost, for any victim to show up. And secondly, when a victim shows up, they don’t necessarily want to take their case to the prison system They don’t want to be traumatized again by going to court They don’t necessarily want to report a family friend to a police station, let alone immediately after the trauma of a sexual assault he told Cooper.

Since the law went into effect, abortion rights advocates in Texas have proceeded with a three-pronged approach, starting with an attempt to get women the medical care they need or the financial resources to travel. through state lines.

In addition, clinics are appealing to state courts to block the maximum number of civil lawsuits they hope will eventually land in the Texas Supreme Court. Finally, they have called on the Biden administration to reflect widely on ways to use the muscle of the federal government to protect women’s constitutional right to abortion.

CNN’s Vogue Ariane contributed to this report.

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