Banks eager to start recruiting the state for Texas, not Bama

Texas assistant football coach Jeff Banks barked at the players during an open session at the Royal-Memorial Stadium last week.  Banks said he was eager to start recruiting the state of Texas for the Longhorns;  in Alabama, he helped land several key Texas recruits for the Crimson Tide.
  • Jeff Banks grew up in California, bet on Washington state and has been an assistant coach at A&M.
  • Banks soon decided to focus on special equipment and have succeeded in highly reputable jobs.
  • “He’s the country’s top special equipment coordinator,” Steve Sarkisian said of the banks.

Jeff Banks is at home.

Not really.

He grew up in Upland, California, went to school in Washington state, where he was twice the leader of all conferences in the Pac-12 and once played in the Rose Bowl. He also worked as an assistant coach at Idaho State for four years, which ended in 2003.

But, like most smart people, banks got to the state of Texas as fast as they could. Did we say he’s an exceptionally brilliant guy?

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He is and did a home away from home, first at UTEP for nine seasons and then at Texas A&M for another five years, interrupted only for a brief time in Virginia. Even her sons, daughter, Sydnei and sons Gage and Tanner, stayed at College Station with their mother after Banks moved.