Baylor Vs. Texas State – GAME DAY – Notes, links, weather forecast, forecast

It’s officially the first week of the Baylor Bears 2021, which marks the start of the second season of the Dave Aranda era. The Bears are out in the field tonight at 6pm CT on ESPN + and, although it’s been a while since I made one, I did my best to gather all the information I found below.

OPPONENT: Texas State Bobcats
ODB GAME CENTER: Baylor Bears @ Texas State Bobcats 2021
PODCAST OURDAILY: Season prediction sample
PROPAGATION: Baylor -14 (Open: Baylor -10)
TV COVERAGE: ESPN +, 18:00 CST Saturday
UNIFORM: IT SEEMS to be ___, white, white (helmet is not confirmed, as far as I know).

WEATHER FORECAST: Partly cloudy, with a high of 98 °, SSO wind between 10 and 15 mph (Wunderground pose the temperature of the game at 95 °, so START HYDRATING NOW IF WE HAVE NOT DONE)

Weather report:

I want to highlight it again and call it quits. It will be hot in San Marcos today and it will be relatively humid, so if you go to this game, you need to make sure you stay hydrated. Ask Iowa State what heat can do if you’re not prepared. The temperature of the game is 95 degrees with a sensation of 98, and then it will start to go down. But be prepared if you are away from home and have a good time. Fortunately, it looks like rain shouldn’t be a problem.

Game Notes / Thoughts:

This week I didn’t get a chance to do a full preview or prediction, but I plan to move forward if I can make it work. For this game, obviously, the key will be Gerry Bohanon’s first start in QB after 3 seasons supporting Charlie Brewer and playing in moderation, except in injury situations. Bohanon should be an immediate weapon in the running game, but the move could still be a work in progress. And a lot of that will revolve around offensive line performance, even against a “minor” opponent. With that in mind, here are my keys:

  • Protect the QB: Surprisingly, I know, but even if Bohanon is an NFL line robot, we need to keep him upright and protected. I guarantee you that the only thing all Baylor fans want to see in this game are deep shots at Tyquan Thornton and his friends, and that they will almost necessarily require solid protection. We should know a lot more about what our offensive is like I could act this season after seeing our line in action. To my knowledge, we should have all of our beginners available right now.
  • Run the ball: It’s the debut of Baylor’s new wide-area offensive under Jeff Grimes, which others have tried to sketch with much more capacity than me. But suffice it to say that it is different from what we ran before and that the time to adjust it is different. Baylor has solid runners to Trestan Ebner and Abram Smith (as starters) with depth in the back, so we should be able to move the ball to the ground. If we’re not, it’s a serious red flag.
  • Rush the Passer: With Aranda and Roberts summoning the defensive plays, Siaki Ika anchoring the center and occupying the blockers and Terrel Bernard and Jalen Pitre tensing, the sky is the limit for Baylor’s pass this season. This defense could be ridiculously well.

There will be trouble working in the second season for Dave Aranda and teammates in general, and the first season under Jeff Grimes on offense. I don’t expect us to fly out anyone’s doors right away, though I’d ​​love to be surprised.

My prediction: Baylor 38, Texas State 17.


I can’t do it as easily as before, as apparently the Clipper tool has met its end, but I will try. Things change in ten years, right?

Winners and Whiners, Baylor vs. Texas State Preview: I’ve never heard of this place before, but it’s okay.

Yahoo! focuses on Gerry Bohanon’s patience:

Bohanon: “I wanted to absorb everything I could, learn all the football I could and get everything I could out of Charlie. That way, I would be ready when my time comes, “said Bohanon, who has already earned a degree at Baylor.” The process is my thing. “

USAToday says Baylor 31, Texas State 20: A little strange that they are a little worried about a favorite that is -600 on the money line, but that’s okay. 5 Keys to Today’s Game New commercial drop during gaming today!



I will be out of the most magical kingdom on Earth most of the day, but I will return later. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do here!


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