Big Tex takes its place at the Texas State Fair on Friday

DALLAS (KXAN) – One week before the Texas State Fair officially opens, Big Tex shows up.

The famous 55-foot cowboy returns to greet all the Big Tex Circle fairgoers each year, and the crews integrate him into place from 10 a.m. Friday. Since 1952 it is a basic element in the fair.

According to a press release from the fair, the Big Tex “skeleton” was built in 1949 to turn the world’s tallest Santa into a Christmas celebration in Kerens, Texas. The city’s chamber of commerce sold the structure at the fair two years later for $ 750 and Big Tex debuted in 1952. Its voice was added in 1953 and began its gentle Texan wave in 1997.

The original Big Tex, 52 feet tall with a 75-gallon cowboy hat, was destroyed by fire in 2012. When it was rebuilt, it grew three feet and the hat grew 20 gallons. Their boots also grew 26 sizes, going from 70 to 96.

Last year’s state fair was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is a full list of events lined up for this year with COVID-19 protocols in place.

We will play teams that will put Big Tex in place in this story and on Facebook.

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