College Football Winners, Losers, Excessive Reactions for Second Week: Texas Not Ready for SEC, Iowa Quick Exit

College football delivered another exciting Saturday in Week 2, with two teams in the top ten suffering discomfort and many other programs ranked even against opponents with a lower score. Ohio State No. 3 dropped home for the first time since 2017 to throw Oregon No. 12 (and surprisingly, the Pac-12) in the College Football Playoff conversation. Across the Midwest, the battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy emerged with a dominant victory.

Although Week 2 did not have the same number of major disorders as the first week of the season, those that did happen will have reverberations throughout the sport. And with so many of the best teams facing fights, even in wins, the sport could have more parity than there has been in several seasons.

Here are the winners, losers and overreactions of a tremendous week 2 of the 2021 college football season.


Oregon: Despite finishing in 12th place, Oregon entered its clash against No. 3 Ohio State as a massive 15-point pervert. With top defenders Kayvon Thibodeaux and Justin Flowe ruled out, the odds seemed even lower. Still, Oregon came out of the gates and absolutely took him to the Big Ten class from the first moment in a 35-28 victory. Suddenly, the fights against Fresno State are felt for a lifetime. The win puts Oregon back in the football school conversation. Perhaps similarly, it gives the Pac-12 a couple of national contenders to consolidate its credibility, as the Ducks join UCLA a week after the Bruins won LSU.

Iowa: The Hawkeyes entered the 2021 season at No. 18 in the AP Top 25. Two weeks into the season, they have perhaps the most impressive resume on the board. The Hawkeyes have won consecutive ranked opponents to start the season for the first time since 1960 after beating No. 17 Indiana and No. 9 Iowa State. Iowa’s No. 10 crushed the Cyclones 27-17 despite finishing with less than 200 offensive yards. If Kirk Ferentz can find a little more juice in the offenses against some softer defenses, this could be a real Big Ten contender, if not more.

The #HardRockCat: Some fans of the quick thinking of the game Miami vs. Appalachian State saved a cat from having to use one of its nine lives. What appeared to be a stray cat suddenly hung inside the Hard Rock Stadium. Craig and Kimberley Cromer, a pair of season ticket holders, grabbed a flag they always hung from the second level and used it to break the cat’s fall. No description can really do justice to the strange situation.

Fortunately, the cat jumped harmlessly from the outstretched flag and survived to tell the story. Only in college football, people. Only in college football.

Anthony Richardson, Florida QB: Richardson was responsible for just seven total plays in Florida’s No. 42 win over USF at No. 13 Florida. All he did was throw at 152 yards and two touchdowns, rush at 115 yards and one touchdown and startling starter starter Emory Jones (35 plays) in both categories. Florida coach Dan Mullen said after the game that he would stay with Jones as the Gators starting quarterback against Alabama’s No. 1 seed next week. But if things get stuck soon, Richardson has shown that he deserves his shot.

Virginia QB, Brennan Armstrong: Don’t know the name? Learn it. The Virginia junior has been a revelation through two games, completing 71.6% of his passes for 734 yards and seven touchdowns. On Saturday, against Illinois, he threw a 405-yard record and five touchdowns in an easy 42-14 Cavaliers win over a Big Ten roster. Armstrong has tougher games on the calendar, but looks like a candidate for the early break.

The losers

Kerry Coombs, Ohio State Defense Coordinator: It must be said that the Ohio State defense is playing with injuries. But every time Oregon presented the Buckeyes with a unique situation, Coombs’ defense was unprepared to stop it. Oregon runner CJ Verdell ran 161 yards and posted 34 yards with three touchdowns in a monstrous effort from which Coombs could do nothing. Quarterback Anthony Brown cut Ohio State’s coverage by 236 yards and two touchdowns, especially when they went into man coverage near the goal line. Oregon offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead is a great player, but Buckeyes ’defense is officially a problem.

Texas: If this is a preview of the Longhorns ’entry into the SEC, Texas might want to reconsider. Against a team from Arkansas he picked sixth place in the SEC West, and he fought powerfully against Rice a week ago, Texas was totally outscored. Arkansas rushed for 333 yards and four touchdowns in a 40-21 victory over the Longhorns. Quarterback Hudson Card was left on the bench after just 15 passing attempts. It was a total punch for a team that thought it might be able to propel the national dispute. Unfortunately, beating a Sun Belt team in Week 1 was just that: beating a Sun Belt team.

The State of Florida prevents the defense: It must be believed that the final play of the upset victory between Jacksonville State and Florida against the State of Florida is believed. The Seminoles won 17-14 with just six seconds left in the game, when JSU quarterback Zerrick Cooper connected with Damond Philyaw-Johnson for a 59-yard Ave Maria, which marked the winner of the game after to finish the clock.

At first glance, it’s like a weird case of poor communication and mistreatment in the loss of the state of Florida, the program’s first FCS failure. Unfortunately, it still gets worse. After the game, Norvell revealed that he called a two-depth man to try to put pressure on the quarterback instead of going into a four-depth prevention defense because he was worried about six seconds left and JSU had a dead time. Of course, six seconds is not enough for an Ave Maria to develop, connect, and then call a timeout. Norvell’s nonsensical explanation was just the cherry that added up to the worst loss in the show’s history.

Colorado: The Buffaloes had one of the weirdest seasons of 2020 with a 4-1 record that no one knew how to assess. But in its first game against an FBS opponent in 2021, Colorado had a chance to make a national statement against Texas A&M No. 5, leading to a 10-7 defeat. The Aggies scored just three points in the first 57 minutes of play, but Colorado gave up a long touchdown that cost them the game in large part due to the conservative game in attack. Of course, Agies quarterback Zach Calzada looked completely lost after taking the game due to an injury to Haynes King. This was not the best version of Texas A&M to play this season. When you beat one of the top five teams, that doesn’t matter. There’s still a lot to get excited about this Colorado team, but there’s no similar statement anywhere on the show.

Miami coach Manny Diaz: Miami’s No. 22 escaped with his first win of the year in a 25-23 win over the Appalachian state, but it doesn’t matter especially. Looking ahead to Diaz’s third season as Hurricanes coach, it’s painfully obvious that this team isn’t very close to competing. Miami quarterback D’Eriq King did his best with 279 total attacking yards, but averaging 4.9 yards per game against a Sun Belt opponent won’t cut it. Defensively, the Hurricanes allowed them to score 11 and eight plays in the second half to let the Mountaineers take control of the game. With Michigan State and a disputed Virginia squad on the calendar by the end of the month, Diaz doesn’t have much time to turn it around. Miami needed that win to be easy.

Excessive reactions

Quarterback changes could come

In addition to Richardson in Florida, the impressive performances of a handful of side quarterbacks could change the landscape. As Notre Dame’s Jack Coan came in and threw a touchdown pass for the Irish victory 32-29 against Toledo, backup Tyler Buchner completed all three passes for 78 yards and a touchdown and added 68 yards. more on the ground. The offense in Texas went more smoothly after experienced backup Casey Thompson entered the game for the Hudson Card start. Even Iowa State backup Hunter Dekkers resolved the offense and threw a touchdown pass to Cy-Hawk’s rivalry. With so many new quarterbacks across the country, several competitions could quickly open up.

The PCP race is open

There are four teams that have combined for 20 of the 28 possible appearances in the college football league since the format began in 2014: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma. Surprisingly, two of the four already have losses during Week 2. When the AP Top 25 comes out on Sunday, Alabama at No. 1 and Georgia at No. 2 are the only ones not to consider. Cincinnati was tied with Murray State at halftime before winning 42-7. Iowa State No. 9 lost. Oklahoma’s No. 4 looked unstable against Tulane in Week 1. Outside of Alabama, there were no other unbeatable superpowers during the first two weeks. Could it be the year we finally get a really crazy top four? If that’s how the season starts, maybe.

Texas A&M’s problems are deeper than QB

Calzada’s poor play is an important part of why Texas A&M fell in line with Colorado, but that’s not the only reason. The Aggies ’offensive line didn’t look special against a Buffaloes defense that shouldn’t have been close. Texas A&M averaged just 3.4 yards per carry and prominent runner Isaiah Spiller stayed just 20 yards running. Sure, facing the stacked boxes due to the inability to stretch the field is part of the problem, but that was one of the top five offensive lines in America last season before graduating in four headlines. Texas A&M’s worldwide defensive front scratched and snatched to give the Aggies a win, but there’s a lot to do at College Station, Texas, and there’s not much time to do it. After a respite against New Mexico, Texas A&M reaches Arkansas, Mississippi State and Alabama in consecutive weeks.

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