Collisions with military aircraft in the backyard of Texas, injuring 2 pilots

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A military training plane crashed Sunday in a backyard in Lake Worth, Texas, injuring both pilots of the plane, damaging at least three homes and causing the loss of supplies to dozens of homes.

The pilots were ejected from the plane and a parachute from a pilot was trapped in the power lines, police said.

The pilots, who were not identified, were taken to nearby hospitals. Three residents were treated for minor injuries at the scene, Fort Worth Fire Department reported a statement.

Lt. Michelle Tucker, spokeswoman for the head of naval air training, said one of the pilots was in serious condition and the other in stable condition.

“For a pilot, this is the day he’s scared of,” Lake Jorth Police Department Chief JT Manoushagian told a news conference Sunday.

He said the cause of the crash was under investigation and referred reporters to military officers at the nearby Fort Worth Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base.

The head of naval air training he said on Twitter that the pilots were performing “a routine training flight” on a Navy T-45C Goshawk jet training aircraft.

The plane crashed into a backyard, Ryan Arthur, head of the Lake Worth fire department, told the news conference. The Red Cross was helping residents find a place to stay because of the damage done to their homes, he added.

“It could have been a lot worse if it had been direct contact with a residence,” he said. “Fortunately, that’s not the case.”

At least 44 homes lost electricity due to the crash, the Fort Worth fire department said. Emergency crews were working to clear the area of ​​the wreckage, Chief Ryan added, warning people to move away from the crash site.

“It will be dangerous for now, until we remove the waste,” he said.

Chief Arthur said that given Lake Worth’s proximity to the military base, emergency crews had prepared for the possibility of a military accident in the area, and described the scenario as “one of our top priorities “.

“Other cities in Texas could be natural disasters like tornadoes and even ice storms,” ​​he said, “but for us it’s a downed military plane because we’re in such a unique position.”

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