Comedian John Oliver launches a run against Texas abortion law

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver attacked the Texas Heartbeat Act in a blasphemy roll during the return of his show on Sunday.

After calling it an “incredibly draconian new abortion law,” Oliver immediately began denouncing both the law and Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

“This law will have catastrophic effects. Providers say it would have prevented at least 85% of the procedures previously conducted in the state. And when Governor Abbott was pressured why he signed a bill that would essentially force someone who had experienced rape or incest to bring a pregnancy to an end, her response … it was something, ”Oliver said.

Olive then offered a more profane scoundrel who claimed that “Abbott clearly does not understand” the victims of abortion and rape.


“Oh, f — off. Only f — immediately. Set aside announcing ‘We’ll arrest the rapists,’ as if it were a new idea and Tim Cook introduced a new iPhone, I could talk about how Abbott clearly doesn’t understand that not only are they terrifying and faceless criminals who perpetrate rapes on the streets, but they are generally someone known to the victim, ”Oliver said.

Oliver also stressed that the current efforts of Abbott and other pro-life lawmakers only serve to “demonize” abortion.

“We could talk about how the arrest of rapists doesn’t solve the problem of women in need of legal and safe abortions. We could even talk about the myriad of reasons why women have abortions and how to frame the issue around situations. more horrible demonizes even more But honestly, it might be faster to just say f — off, Greg, as an abbreviation for all the other things we don’t have time to get into, “Oliver said.

He even criticized the parent company AT&T for its program for refusing to take a stand on abortion.

“And listen, not taking a stand on this issue, right now, is taking a stand. And the abortion of both parties is not really the public relations claim they believe it is. While it’s certainly branded. A AT&T clearly likes their public statements in the same way they like their cell signal: hilarious faintly weak, ”Oliver said.


Other hosts of the night have also denounced the Texas Heartbeat Act to Oliver. On Wednesday, “Full Front” host Samantha Bee referred to the Supreme Court as “gutless monsters” to uphold the law. Seth Meyers also proclaimed “democracy is on fire” following the Supreme Court decision in its “Late Night” program.

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