Compulsory testing of COVID-19 ends in two days

September 8, 2021, 7:00 p.m. CDT

Mandatory tests end Friday on campus; Sanctions established for students, teachers and staff

There are only two days left for students, faculty and staff at Texas A&M University to take COVID-19 tests or face sanctions.

Eight test locations are available throughout the Bryan-College Station campus. Those who perform tests, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, can choose from a shallow surface hisop nasal or saliva PCR collection.

Tests will be conducted by other off-campus entities no be accepted to comply with the provisions of the mandatory test requirement. The effective results of the tests are one of the factors that the administration considers when determining security protocols.

Sanctions For non-compliance with mandatory reports:

Students will be informed for non-compliance with the mandatory information and / or quarantine / isolation requirements of COVID-19 in Student conduct process. This can cause a student to face sanctions even if he or she is deemed not to be in “good condition”. A “not in good condition” state makes the student subject to these and other possible restrictions:

  • Ineligibility to hold a position in any student organization recognized by Texas A&M or to hold an elected or appointed position.
  • Ineligibility to represent the university in any way, including in an official function, intercollegiate athletics or any form of competition or intercollegiate representation both on and off campus.

Teachers and staff who do not meet the mandatory information, testing and / or quarantine / isolation requirements of COVID-19 will receive a written reprimand, at a minimum, which will affect their eligibility to increase merit and be subject to other more severe disciplinary measures as appropriate .

Exemptions from mandatory tests will be managed by Human Resources and Organizational Efficiency. Requests for exemptions are due for everything students, faculty and staff before 5 p.m. On September 10th. You will be notified if your exception is approved.

Tests must be done on campus: Tests will be conducted by other off-campus entities no be accepted to meet the guidelines of the mandatory testing requirement. The tests come at no cost.

Officials believe there are thousands of campus members who have not yet been tested after several weeks of the mandatory program, which began Aug. 23.

Why is testing so important?

The tests help identify people who may have an active COVID-19 infection that could spread to other people, especially those at higher risk for serious illness. If you know your status, you can determine how you can interact more securely with the campus community. The administration also uses it to determine security protocols.

If I did the test early but now I think I have COVID-19, should I do another one?

Yes. If you have related symptoms, you should take the test, regardless of the previous negative test. All tests have a certain level of detection, and if you have a very low virus level, you could test it negatively one day, but positive a few days later, with only slight changes in symptoms.

Will Texas A&M have tests throughout the semester?

Free trials will be available throughout the semester. There are currently no other mandatory testing requirements, but this could change depending on the conditions of COVID in the community.

Outside Bryan-College Station:

Sites not located in Brazos County should check the campus website for information. Questions can be answered by email

When the test is uploaded to the portal: You do not need to post or report negative evidence. It is only necessary that the positive evidence and / or the notification of a close contact inform the author COVID-19 report form.

The Brazos Valley region, which includes Aggieland, has reported 300 COVID-19-related deaths since the pandemic began.

Useful information:

  • Two proven tools to help protect peoplethe of the contagious virus: Complete vaccination and facial protection. Texas A&M encourages them both. Vaccines are free for students, teachers and staff is offered through Student Health Services at the AP Beutel Health Center.
  • The review of compliance begins on Saturday, September 11, which means that those who have not applied for an exemption or taken tests before Friday will likely have to suffer the aforementioned sanctions.

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