Do you want to have a barbecue in Texas? This business has breasts, turkey legs and “dino ribs”

“It smokes in a few different types of wood. It smokes eight to 12 hours. It’s Texas gold.”

SAN ANTONIO: When you cut the branch to find it so juicy, you’ve stumbled upon a real Texas barbecue.

This week, we were able to visit with the Double A BBQ, a business on wheels that you can call to attend or an event.

“I’m from San Antonio, on the south side, and here we do things a little differently,” said Adrian Davila, owner of Double A’s. “You don’t realize they’re different until people from out of town come to your town and say, ‘Wow, that’s pretty amazing.’

Davila runs the business with her family. He decided to quit his job in real estate and pursue his passion for barbecue, enrolling in a master class.

“I started in October with classes and since then it’s only been a snowball effect. It really took away from me the passion that really interested me all this time. Since then, I’ve been hooked.” . said Davila.

As for the food, we went through the favorites of his fans:

“It smokes in a few different types of wood. It makes eight to twelve hours of smoke. It’s Texas gold. If you have a good piece, everything should be good,” Davila said.

“They’re short beef ribs and so they’re pretty massive,” Davila said. He puts it in a bun with mac and cheese and barbecue sauce.

“Something traditional for San Antonio and Fiesta: We always look for that good turkey leg. So you can’t go wrong with turkey legs,” Davila said.

He hopes that one day he can turn the trailer into a full-time food truck. But for now, he only enjoys the people who call him to attend.

“I made that leap of faith and it’s the best I’ve ever done,” Davila said. For more information on Double A BBQ, such as your contact information, click here.

“I appreciate the opportunity to go out and allow us to show off our food. San Antonio is home to many great boxing masters. So I’m just excited to be a part of that,” Davila said.