Donations open for North Texas Giving Day | News

Carrollton residents have the opportunity to donate to their favorite charities for North Texas Donation Day Sept. 1-23.

On North Texas Giving Day, local organizations can receive funding through donations made by community members. Donations allow organizations to continue to help community members who need it and expand their services. Since its inception in 2009, North Texas Giving Day has gone from generating $ 4 million to $ 58.8 million in donations last year.

Local organizations such as Metrocrest Services, United Way Denton, Operation Kindness, Ring of Hope and others will participate in the 18-hour event to raise money for various causes.

“Everyone has their internal goals,” said Tracy Eubanks, CEO of Metrocrest Services. “The Texas Community Foundation, which runs North Texas Giving Day, will have different incentives and award opportunities. They are often aimed at smaller non-profit organizations participating for the first time, but for the most part each non-profit organization has its own goal and communicates with its donors. “

Because some nonprofits received less funding last year, Eubanks and Gary Henderson, CEO of United Way of Denton, said they expected more participation this year.

“This year really, more than any previous year, is a key opportunity for nonprofits to raise the necessary funds,” Henderson said. “Something like North Texas Giving Day and all of the North Texas regional awareness around giving to nonprofits that need it really illuminates a focus that is really needed right now.”

Some nonprofits will also have a sponsor to match a portion of donations received on September 23rd.

“We always find matching funds to encourage more donations, so we’re excited to have them and look forward to having another matching donor for that day,” Eubanks said.

The North Texas Giving Day website allows users to understand what each local nonprofit organization does for the community and includes a breakdown of community impact, what the organization needs, and the corresponding sponsorship funds.

Henderson said the pandemic created a paradox in which both nonprofits and community members are in need.

“Things are only going in opposite directions where there is more need than ever, but it has been a difficult time for the regular donor base of a non-profit organization to contribute because they were financially affected by COVID,” Henderson said.

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