FIU falls to Texas State 23-17 in overtime

If last week served as an opportunity for the Panthers to end their nearly two-year loss, Saturday’s 23-17 loss to Texas State (1-1, 0-0) provided evidence that the Panthers FIU (1-1, 0-0) still has a way to go to play a full was nothing more than a confluence of unprecedented circumstances.

“There are a lot of things we’ve done tonight that won’t help you win any games,” Butch Davis said. “Turning the ball around as often as we did and especially in the red zone and explosive plays were played again due to penalties, we had our chances, but we didn’t take advantage of them and we have to improve next week.”

Butch Davis was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.
Michael Berlfein / FIU Athletics

Texas State jumped to the top spot after a touchdown in their opening drive when Bobcat quarterback Brady McBride connected with runner Caleb Twyford for a 17-yard touchdown.

After going back 10-0 at the end of the first half, FIU scored their first points when second-placed Tyrese Chambers found the final zone for the second straight game as quarterback Max Bortenschlager connected with him for a 22-yard touchdown to send the game to the 10- break. 7. FIU came out of the break and would continue with an 81-yard touchdown run that ended in a tight Rivaldo Fairweather throw on a 34-yard touchdown pass from Bortenschlager. Fairweather finished the night with four 54-yard catches and the scoreboard.

After a Chase Gabriel field goal to put FIU ahead on a touchdown, the Texas State defense forced a D’Vonte Price fight and took the opportunity to embark on a 10-yard touchdown run. yards that ended with runner Brock Sturges finding the end zone and tying the game at 17. The Panthers offense was able to enter Texas state territory in the next unit through multiple interference calls. of step against the Bobcats, but they were forced to aim.

Both teams would exchange a couple of points with less than six minutes left in the game and the final regulatory control of the FIU that would start on its own 48-yard line would end after three plays. In overtime, the Panthers would get the ball first. On days 3 and 8 of the 13-yard line in the state of Texas, Bortenschlager would leave behind and end up on the turf at the hands of Bobcats linebacker Issiah Nixon. In addition to the sack, Nixon was able to strip the ball and Texas State recovered.

“I didn’t really feel it coming off the edge, I tried to go up a bit and I probably should have had better ball safety and that’s something I have to make sure doesn’t happen again,” Bortenschlager said. .

After Texas State runner-up Brock Sturges took the first move for 14 yards, Sturges would finish with the Panthers with an 11-yard throw in the end zone, giving Texas State the win.

Vonte Price’s front-runner led the way offensively with 23 runs for 111 yards and quarterback Max Bortenschlager with the distance, throwing for 259 yards as he went 17 of 34. Defensive attack Davon Strickland played a factor important on the other side of the ball, accumulating seven attacks with a sack.

Let’s take a look at four takeaways from the Texas State game as the Panthers head to Lubbock to face Texas Tech next week, while the Bobcats return to San Marcos to face FCS Incarnate Word.

Cambres Tyrese

If there’s anything obvious about Tyrese Chambers, it’s that she’s energetic and passionate about football. The Baltimore native traveled by stops to FCS Sacred Heart and JUCO to reach the highest level of college football play. After impressing at the spring and fall camp, his game has moved on to the regular season with a touchdown for the second game in a row.

Tyrese Chambers has been the creator of games for FIU.
Michael Berlfein / FIU Athletics

“He and I had a chance to work very closely together during the winter and spring, he’s a fantastic player and you have to give him opportunities to play,” Bortenschlager told Chambers.

Chambers finished the night as the main receiver of the contest with four 79-yard catches and the scoreboard.

Sanctions / Officer

Sanctions and convocations were undoubtedly part of the story when deciding the winner of the match. FIU was hit eight times for 70 yards, while Texas State was scored eight times for 90 yards in the evening. As Davis pointed out, the timeliness of some of the calls was crucial.

“We can’t have penalties that get points back, it’s as simple as that, because it’s the things that games will cost you,” Davis said.

By contrast, FIU was able to exploit the aggressiveness of the defensive backs of the State of Texas, thereby receiving several sanctions for passing interference. Postgame, Bortenschlager noted that he was part of the game plan.

“Yes, we saw our boys’ athletics and we knew how to get in that we could do deep shots and get calls, ”Bortenschlager said.


It had been almost four years since Bortenschlager was the starting quarterback in a win over an FBS rival, with his last win against Indiana in 2017. Postgame, the Maryland move carried his emotions up his sleeve with regard to the amount of wishes for victory. .

“The mood in the locker room is certainly frustrated because we knew we had our chances and it was a win-win game,” Bortenschlager said.

Davis noted that while the Maryland transfer did not play its best game, he is pleased with the overall position.

“On that last play, no one was open and he stayed very long on the ball,” Davis said. “I’m going to say this about him, he didn’t have a great game, but I think he’s played really well overall, he looked good last week and there have been occasions especially in the explosive plays that were called back where he could I’ve had a bigger night. He’s overwhelmed by the loss and that’s what you want from your quarterback, you can say he wants to win. ”

Brady McBride

Entering the game, it was known that McBride would give FIU his chances in the changes, but he also created his own plays with his legs and was equally capable of leading Texas State to victory. Postgame, Davon Strickland talked about McBride’s elusiveness.

“He’s a slippery guy and we knew that when we got there, he was the kind of quarterback we’ve seen in the last few years, the kind of player who can beat you as a double threat,” Strickland said. “It’s absolutely frustrating against a guy like him because he can extend the plays and it really makes you work when you think you have him.”

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