Former Longhorn Carlton Dixon helped players “dress up”

One of Steve Sarkisian’s most important decisions so far in Texas had nothing to do with the depth chart or the starting quarterback. These are pocket squares and super 120 wool fabric.

The two previous Texas coaches made the Longhorns wear a dark coat and a burnt orange tie on game days. It created a uniform look, as if they were on a business trip. Persimmons and everything.

Sarkisian wants the Horns to be themselves. Players arrived Saturday at the Royal-Memorial Stadium in custom-made suits from Reveal Suits, a clothing company owned by former Texas Carlton Dixon. Everything from burnt orange to green-green, baby pink and baby blue was on display as the new-looking Horns strolled down Bevo Boulevard.

Texas 38, Louisiana 18: The Longhorns look solid throughout their drama-free opening win

Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian, flanked by defensive tackles Keondre Coburn, dressed in black, and Moro Ojomo, burnt orange, arrive Saturday at the Royal-Memorial Stadium to kick off the season against Louisiana.  Sarkisian allowed his players to wear the color suit they wanted.

You’ll probably see that sharp business look again on Saturday when Texas No. 19 (1-0) travels to Arkansas (1-0) in a SEC preview.

“Coach Sarkisian gave us a chance to choose what we want,” defensive back Keondre Coburn said. “He said he wanted us to be able to wear what we wanted, feel comfortable, feel the way we want to feel and act on the field. I like how he did it.

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