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Michelle Gamboa was born in Ciudad Juarez. He emigrated to East Texas when he was only seven years old when his family obtained a visa to move to the United States.

Gamboa grew up in Longview and is a former student at Texas A&M University. As a child, she struggled to fit and surpass many standards of beauty in today’s society.

With her passion for giving and empowering women, Gamboa will compete for Miss Texas Latina, where she will be the first Miss Longview Latina in the pageant and the only Texan from the East to participate in the competition.

Miss Texas Latina was created for Latino Texas residents between the ages of 13 and 27, who want to grow in the areas of confidence, self-esteem, fitness and modeling while proudly promoting their heritage.

The pageant’s label is “More than a model, a role model,” which Gamboa said she hopes will be for women, especially young Latinos.

Each contestant has a platform and, for Gamboa, puts an end to child abuse and neglect. Its aim is to offer CASA (special lawyers appointed by the courts) a platform where it is currently a volunteer.

“There are more than 29,000 children in foster care and a large number are Hispanic. My platform will be for those Hispanic women who are in this situation to seek help, to help combat domestic violence so that children are not the products of domestic violence, drugs or whatever it may be, ”she said.

Gamboa said his passion for volunteering at CASA comes from wanting to help children in their own language and find out what happens to them. He also claims that this often leads things to “fall into the cracks of the system,” where children cannot communicate because of the language barrier and the relative lack of Hispanic volunteers.

Michelle’s mother, Linda Gamboa, said she is proud of her daughter and her passion for giving.

“I like how he expresses people about the transformation of their desires into reality. She has a passion for helping children, my other daughter has cerebral palsy and that has always motivated her to give, ”he said.

After hearing her mother speak, Gamboa said helping has always been a normal thing for her. Growing up, he was always inspired to give his time to the community.

“I also learned from my mother, she gives free zumba classes to children with special needs in Longview. I have always learned to give to the community from them. My grandmother started the first school for the blind and deaf in Juárez, ”said Gamboa. “I’ve been taught that you always have to help and give, you never know when you’re going to go up or down.”

As she enters the competition, Gamboa hopes to represent the East Texas Hispanic community in hopes of inspiring younger girls.

“I remember that when I first moved from Mexico, I remember being small and not thinking it was enough. I thought it wasn’t the beautiful version of society. I wouldn’t want people to say to me, “You’re so pretty to be Mexican,” I don’t understand what that means, ”she said.

“I want Hispanic girls to realize that they’re enough, that they’re beautiful.”

Her hope is to give courage to young girls and show women that anything is possible.

“I want to give little girls too and anyone who is reading this the courage to pursue something like that, because beauty is not only the outside, but the inside as well,” she said. “No matter where you come from and what you’ve done, there’s always time to be better, do better and be your best self.”

Gamboa also hopes to encourage the Hispanic community to take on leadership roles to increase Hispanic representation, especially in East Texas.

“We have a voice, intelligence and work ethic that accompanies it. I would like to empower all Latinos and Hispanics to stop apologizing and persecute them. Attend that town hall, charge the school board, beauty contest, church pastor or whatever, ”he said. “Latinos have a voice and we need to be represented.”

The Miss Texas Latina pageant will consist of several dress categories: heritage, evening, interview, western dress and swimsuit.

“I will not give many details about my clothes, but my dress is blue to symbolize the end of child abuse. I put on a lot of Hispanic tones to represent my Mexican heritage. I want to represent my love for Christ and love to end child abuse, “he said.” My western dress has balloon races for the East Texas balloon race. “

The Miss Texas Latina pageant will be held in Houston from October 28-31. The winner will go to Miss USA Latina.

On October 4, tickets will go on sale on the Miss Texas Latina facebook page, where Gamboa can be supported by sharing and liking her image on social media platforms.

“More than anything, prayer and sharing help,” he said.

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