Great ranking 12 and power rankings: tied at Texas Hog

TCU 34, Cal 32

Max Duggan summed up this game perfectly in the post-game press: “You don’t want it to be neglected, but you want to win and that’s what we did today against a great opponent like Cal.

Arkansas 40, # 15 Texas 21

Faced with the first influx of spectators from the Donald W. Reynolds Razorbacks stadium in years, the team of new head coach Steve Sarkisian did not seem prepared for the environment, let alone a full SEC schedule. The Horns fought offensively in the first half, especially along the offensive line, and then fought defensively in the second half, as the Razorbacks ran 187 yards for 7.2 yards per home opening a 33-7 lead. at the end of the third quarter.

State of Kansas 30, Southern Illinois 23

Without turnovers, K-State would have won this game 31-9, so it wasn’t the fundamental disaster you may have felt. K-State committed four, the most in years. They recovered two, but neither resulted in points; the first was Pickle’s interception which was immediately followed by Thompson throwing one, and the second was the fight that resulted in Winkel’s missed field goal.

# 17 Coastal Carolina 49, Kansas 22

While in the end the game wasn’t close (and didn’t even manage to cover the difference), this Kansas team looked more organized and confident than it did in the FCS South Dakota squeaks last week. There is still a long way to go before this team is competitive at the Power-5 level, but the improvement was visible between the first and second week, so there is something to be happy about coming out of that loss.

Iowa State was dominated by Iowa, who fell to a final score of 27-17. Dominated is probably not the right word, but when the state of Iowa can’t get out of its own way, there really isn’t a more suitable alternative. The Cyclones won Iowa 339-175, but it didn’t matter.

Baylor 66, Texas Southern 7

Baylor (2-0) exploded Texas Southern (0-2) 66-7. The Bears open Big 12 play against Kansas at 2:30 next Saturday in Lawrence. This one was never close. The Bears led 42-0 at the break. The headlines played a bit in the third quarter, but didn’t see much longer. The talent gap was overwhelming.

Last year, Oklahoma State defeated Tulsa 16-7 with true freshman Shane Illingworth in relief in the second half of that game after Spencer Sanders was injured. Now, almost a year later, some fans were singing “We want Shane” after Spencer Sander’s “less than ideal” performance. Even Spencer knows he didn’t play that well.

Oklahoma 76, South Carolina 0

The Sooners scored all seven possessions in the first half, six of which ended in touchdowns. Kicker Gabe Brkic kicked off his fourth field goal of more than 50 yards for the season in the second unit of the OU game. The Sooners punctuated once all night. OU beat the Catamounts a total of yards for the game by a margin of 624 to 178. The Sooners allowed 2.8 yards per game on defense and took the ball out of the WCU three times.

Texas Tech 28, Stephen F. Austin 22

Power rankings

  1. Oklahoma (LW: 5): He knocked down an opponent who didn’t beat him much.
  2. Baylor (LW: 8) See above.
  3. West Virginia (LW: 10) See above.
  4. TCU (LW: 4) Beat Cal.
  5. Oklahoma State (LW: 7) struggled with a minor school but won.
  6. Texas Tech (LW: 2) See above.
  7. Kansas State (LW: 3) Fighted with a first-class FCS school
  8. Iowa State (LW: 9) was defeated and lost to Iowa
  9. Kansas (LW: 6) hit by a better enemy.
  10. Texas (LW: 1) … “Mom said if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”

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