Greg Abbott’s war against the Texas school mask mandates fall

Greg Abbott, the Texas governor who tested positive for coronavirus this week after being photographed working with donors at a masked, maskless GOP meeting, has been working hard to prevent schools from introducing mask mandates into the campus in recent weeks. However, at least for now, their efforts have failed. The Texas Education Agency confirmed Thursday that it will not enforce Abbott’s executive order banning mask warrants until legal challenges against the order are resolved. In a public health guidance letter, the TEA said, “Please note that the GA-38 mask provisions are not being applied as a result of an ongoing litigation. Further guidance will be provided after resolution. judicial problems “. Even before the guidance was published, Abbott’s ban was largely ignored, with 48 Texas school districts implementing mask mandates. On Thursday afternoon, the Texas Supreme Court declined to block a restraining order against Abbott’s bans, which allowed schools to order students to hide.

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