Haynes King gave us a look at Johnny Manziel

Texas A&M Football

Haynes King, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Bob Levey / Getty Images)

Outside of Texas A&M football fans, there are three types of fans who will come across this article. The first ones are the ones who see the title, get angry with a Johnny Manziel comparison, and don’t re-read a piece from Gig’Em Gazette. The second is the guy who does read it, but he has a blinding rage that builds up all the time and he ends up hating me.

If you are not part of these groups, you must be part of the third group: those who are willing to accept that Haynes King physically resembles Johnny Manziel when he fights with football.

I admit it would be extremely premature to compare King and Manziel otherwise than their style of play. In fact, after a two-touch performance and three interceptions against Kent State, King is a long way from reaching the state of Johnny Football.

Still, we saw a lot of “Haynes Football” tweets throughout the night. On one occasion, they justified themselves. Here’s why.

Texas A&M’s new starting quarterback had a play that looked like the Johnny Manziel era

As mentioned, Haynes King did not have a great night in his first game as a team starter. While his stat line against a MAC team may look bad, it may not be as poor with performance as many fans believe it to be. The freshman still went nearly 300 yards and a couple of touchdowns in a 41-10 victory.

Unfortunately, his game was highlighted by some strong mistakes. But throughout the same game, we continually saw glimpses of something special. Something … familiar. Take a look.

There are a lot of journalism rules that would discourage the next paragraph I’m about to write, but I write this at 2:00 in the morning and frankly I don’t care anymore. Here it goes.

If you claim that you do not believe that Haynes King resembled Johnny Manziel when he was engaged in this work, you are a liar. You’re denying a comparison that has no implications on a larger scale and you’re probably a nasty person around.

There, I said it.

This comparison is not based solely on the fact that both are Texas A&M quarterbacks. It is due to the style that each of them revolts. Instead of fighting controlled, they both have a kind of sixth sense about where they should go. They are improvising at the moment and flourishing as they do so.

They both thrive on madness.

In this play, King did his readings, saw no goal open, and decided to get in and run through the center before closing his pocket. With nowhere to go, he ran out of pocket to the right when he came across a trio of defenders. The next cut to the left would put him right in front of a defender who would simply overtake using his sub-4.5 speed to the edge on the way to a first downhill run.

Oh, yes, and all of this happened in a crucial third and long time to keep the unit alive.

At this point, I can’t argue much more: the proof is in the pudding. Clearly, King has a long way to go as a passerby, but as a natural revolutionary, he is elite. At the very least, he will follow in Manziel’s footsteps on this front.

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