It’s a very busy fall for Texas authors

A family photo of Adrianna Cuevas shows the author's grandfather, from left, his grandmother, his Uncle Armando and his father in Miami.  His grandfather and uncle joined his father a year after arriving in Miami from Cuba.  Her grandmother joined a year later.

Adrianna Cuevas’ latest novel for young people takes place in the sixties. Their seeds were also planted.

The author, who lives outside of Austin, is a first-generation Cuban American whose father came to Miami alone as a teenager after Castro’s rise to power. He had always known that his grandparents sent him to the United States, but he did not know many details. As he reflected on the ideas for the book that would follow his debut, honoring Pura Belpré, “The Total Eclipse of Néstor López,” he realized it was time to delve deeper.

Part of it was the inherent drama that would be ideal for a story aimed at children ages 8-12. An even bigger part, Cuevas explained in a phone interview, was his realization that the time to hear this family story was getting shorter.

Author Adrianna Cuevas lives outside of Austin.

“He knew he didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to find out what it was really like for him to come to the United States,” he said. “It was something I knew, but it wasn’t really discussed. It wasn’t a conversation at the table. Although he had heard small pieces here and there, he had never had the whole story, nor the opportunity to ask him how things were ”.

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