LaHood launches a campaign to get a seat in Texas House

Former Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood is a candidate for state representative.

LaHood on Monday confirmed what he had previously hinted at: that he will enter the 2022 Republican primaries for Texas House District 122, a North Bexar county headquarters occupied for the past eleven years by Lyle Larson.

LaHood said he will run regardless of whether Larson seeks re-election.

“I will file the right paperwork at the right time,” LaHood said. “I did not want to make a hasty decision. I was very deliberate.

This will be LaHood’s first campaign for a firm other than the district attorney, a position for which he ran three times in a row, winning once and losing twice. It will also be his first campaign as a Republican after previously running as a Democrat.

He changed affiliation with the party after losing the 2018 Democratic primary by district attorney to San Antonio defense attorney Joe Gonzales, who won the general election and became DA.

During a 2018 radio interview, LaHood said the Democratic Party has been “hijacked by a left-wing ideology, a neo-Marxist ideology, of a truly fascist nature.”

During LaHood’s tenure as district attorney, he sparked controversy by publicly aligning himself with anti-vaccine activists. This problem will surely arise during his candidacy for the Texas House, given the refusal of some Americans to participate in a national vaccination program against COVID-19.

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