Matt Fajkus Architecture creates a booth for boats in Texas

Moor, please: Matt Fajkus ’bright boat house

Filtered Frame Dock, an impressive Matt Fajkus Architecture boat hut, is completed on the edge of a Texas ravine

Matt Fajkus ’American architecture studio has created this stunning boat pavilion, elegantly located on the edge of a Texas ravine. The project, called Filter Dock Frame Dock, is located on a larger private estate, whose main residence is also being designed by the company itself and was created to provide a gateway between the blue waters and the house. .

Its faceted composition not only feels crisp and modern, but was also created to reflect the broader conditions of the context, allowing water and land, nature and architecture to connect in a meaningful way.

The structure “negotiates between the realms of earth, water, and sky by framing the experience and understanding of the natural environment, on top, along and on the water,” explains Matt Fajkus Architecture’s team. The landscape was a key source of inspiration for the architects, as the views, light and materiality helped drive the design solution.

The outdoor nature of the boat house allows the eye to travel and offers opportunities to see the natural landscape. It promotes movement and also offers moments to sit and relax, on the covered terrace at the top, above the protected pier, for example.

The perforated geometric surfaces of the building emphasize the connection with nature and favor the filtration of light and air. User comfort was also taken into account. “As the seasons change, the pier provides more shade during the summer heat and gives more sun during the colder winter months,” the architects say.

The main materials used are steel (for the gently sloping roof and perforated stainless steel sides), wood and stone (the latter two chosen for their inherent natural and tactile naturalness). Meanwhile, the “steel frame is designed and treated to last in the marine environment, withstanding its fluctuating environmental conditions,” the team adds.

Matt Fajkus Architecture’s commitment to sustainable architecture and an ecological approach that celebrates the land for which it designs the practice stands out. §

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