Michigan returns, Texas wins 6-5,

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – At the end of the state tournament, Rick Thorning, manager of the Taylor North League, told his son Cameron that if he used it to throw again, it would not be a pressure situation.

That promise was not kept, as the manager addressed Cameron Thorning on Monday. Taylor North needed him to make it to the final with two runners in a one-game match at the top of the sixth inning.

Cameron only needed three pitches to come out with salvation and help Taylor North complete the comeback and advance with a 6-5 win over Texas in the Little League World Series.

Taylor North (23) of Cameron Thorning is celebrating with his teammates after his big hit in the second inning of the 6-5 win over Texas in the Little League World Series on Monday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

“I looked at him at that place and asked him if he was ready and he said yes,” Rick Thorning said. “We cut it to one and then we were fighting. Texas is a quality team. “

Cameron overtook Dylan Regala with three quick balls pushed down.

The third throw was undisputed as Cameron left the field without a smile. His teammates, on the other hand, were across the roof as they celebrated victory from behind.