North Texas space fan says SpaceX launch turns “science fiction into science fiction” – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

When the last SpaceX mission was launched Wednesday night, Ken Ruffin hooked up on his TV screen, joining others with calm breathing watching this leap into a new era of space travel.

As president of the National Space Society of North Texas, seeing the first fully civilian crew successfully launched into orbit was a moment he had been waiting for all his life.

Ask Ruffin about his love of space and he will describe it as a necessity, between oxygen and water.

“My childhood dream was big, I will create my own space company and build rockets and they will be bigger and better than anything NASA has ever done,” Ruffin said.

He went to school for aerospace engineering. But when the Challenger explosion shook the industry, it focused on the environment here on Earth.

Now, it takes root in those who do what they dreamed of.

“Specifically, because of SpaceX, science fiction is already becoming a science fact,” Ruffin said.

According to him, the launch of Inspiration4, with a billionaire, a child cancer survivor, a science teacher and an engineer, provides hope that space tourism can happen during his lifetime.

More importantly, it could provide opportunities to change the way energy is produced.

“You will have clean energy powered by solar energy 24 hours a day, no air pollution, no water pollution, no solid waste, no hazardous waste, no climate change, no greenhouse gases, no radioactivity,” he said. to say.

He believes it also provides hope.

“Everyone has heard the expression, never put all your eggs in one basket. Well, humanity is in a basket. We call it Earth, ”Ruffin said. “If humanity is in more than one place, if something catastrophic happens, for example on Earth, all of humanity would not be wiped out.”

That’s why he cheered audibly as Inspiration4 hit space, taking a big step toward multiplanet life. Although he is happy to continue.

“As excited as I am, I will be the spokesperson on the ground,” Ruffin said.

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