Officials at Abbott’s Mother Sues School, which joins the Pro-Mask lawsuit

  • Parents whose children have compromised the immune system are suing Texas for banning the school mask.
  • Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Education Agency officials were named defendants.
  • “The government is doing nothing to protect school children,” a mother told The Caller-Times.

The mother of an immunocompromised child joined a pro-mask lawsuit, saying protecting young people’s health should be prioritized, Corpus Christi Caller-Times reported.

Riki Graves’ daughter, Juliana, received a heart transplant as a newborn. Now, Graves wants Juliana to attend the first year as safely as possible, which means wearing masks in classrooms, he said.

Graves told the newspaper, “The children are dying, the ICUs are full and our government is doing nothing to protect the children from the school.”

The lawsuit that joined Graves, which was filed last week on behalf of 14 immunocompromised children, was an attempt to overturn Governor Greg Abbott’s order banning school boards from imposing mask warrants. The lawsuit named Abbott and Texas Education Agency officials as defendants.

“Despite national and local guidance urging caution, Governor Abbott’s Executive Order prohibits local school districts from even considering whether to implement the most basic and effective COVID-19 prevention strategy in school settings,” he said. say the demand.

He added that if school districts could not implement COVID safety measures as they saw fit, parents of medically vulnerable students would have to decide whether to keep their children at home or run the risk of endangering their health.

Abbott’s order was attacked by opponents inside and outside Texas, with some school districts openly challenging the governor. On August 20, the state suspended the application of the ban on public schools, in part because of legal challenges.

But on Thursday, the Texas Supreme Court temporarily reinstated the ban in San Antonio and its surrounding county, Bloomberg News reported. The court ruled that a lower court unduly suspended him amid the ongoing legal dispute.

Thursday’s order applied only to the San Antonio area, but could lead to the return of mask bans across the state, Bloomberg reported.

The lawsuit filed by Graves and the other parents charged Abbott with three violations of federal law, including a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The lawsuit was filed in the Austin division of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

The group sought a temporary restraining order against Abbott, which would immediately end its ban.

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