Parents of Texas sailor killed in Afghanistan talk about life – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

In tears, Elizabeth Holguin talks about her son.

“He was a fantastic kid,” Holguin said. “He was my son.”

A navy she said died in the suicide attack in Afghanistan.

“He’s my hero,” Holguin said. “My husband and he have served their country.”

The family said the military has always wanted to do so since he was about 14 years old.

“I think all veterans will be disturbed,” said North Texas Veterans Center executive director Paul Hendricks.

Hendricks is also a Vietnam War veteran and knows that what happens in Afghanistan can provoke other veterans.

“There was certainly a massive exodus from Vietnam, as is the case today with Afghanistan,” Hendricks said.

He knows that veterans of previous wars or even of these may need help. Its non-profit organization is the one that provides resources.

“We’re here to provide referral,” Hendricks said. “Where can I go to get services to the community and help in that integration and just help be stable in the community. And then we have resources to provide direct financial help if that’s justified.”

Hendricks added that many veterans see what is happening abroad or just returning from Afghanistan is very important emotional support.

“I think we need to be prepared to reach out and put our arms around them and say what I can do to help you,” Hendricks said.

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