Portland City Council will vote to end trade and travel with Texas in response to abortion restrictions

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced Friday that Portland City Council will vote on an emergency resolution Wednesday with the intention of banning business travel and employees related to the state of Texas.

The resolution was given in response to recent state abortion laws that severely restrict access to the procedure. In a statement from the city of Portland, the law was described as unconstitutional.

If approved, the ban will continue until the state of Texas withdraws the abortion law or until it is overturned in court. The city’s legal adviser is currently evaluating the legal aspects of this proposed resolution.

Portland City Council said in a statement: “It remains unified in its belief that all people should have the right to choose if and when they become pregnant and that the decisions they make are complex, difficult and unique to them. their circumstances “.

Nearly 50 years ago, the Supreme Court decided to protect legal and safe abortion in the famous Roe case against Wade. On Wednesday night, the Supreme Court declined to block a Texas law banning abortion after just 6 weeks of pregnancy. This 5-4 decision allows Texas to outlaw approximately 85% of all abortion procedures in the state.

The City of Portland expressed its disapproval of the law saying it shows no concern for the health, safety and well-being of people who may become pregnant; does not recognize or show respect for the human rights of people who may become pregnant; It violates the separation of Church and State; and will force people to carry pregnancies against their will.

“We stand alongside Chief Justice John Roberts, Judge Elena Kagan, Judge Stephen Breyer and Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who fought to block this attack on the reproductive rights, freedom and autonomy of people across the country. “, said the statement.

The statement urged other leaders and elected bodies across the nation to condemn the actions of the Texas state government.

Credit – https://www.opb.org/article/2021/09/03/texas-abortion-law-portland-city-council-trade-travel-ban/