Professor: The “Ave Maria” Premises Redistriction Demand for Texas Democrats

AUSTIN (KXAN) – A federal lawsuit initiated before the battle for redistricting in Texas is a political “Ave Maria,” according to a professor of communications and political science.

“Instead of waiting for federal courts to intervene, Texas Democrats should wait for the U.S. Department of Justice, when they certify the maps, to intervene,” Dr. Richard Pineda of the University of Texas told KXAN on Tuesday. Texas to El Paso.

As reported by KXAN, Texas will get two seats in Congress after the 2020 U.S. census, and the redistriction will be starring when next week’s second special session is convened in the state capital.

According to federal court records, the lawsuit was filed Sept. 1 by Democratic Austin State Sen. Sarah Eckhardt, San Antonio State Sen. Roland Gutierrez, and the Texan Democrats. .

“It is very likely that redistricting in this session will be like redistricting in the past: focused on preserving concern and focused on preserving political power,” Eckhardt told KXAN.

According to the Constitution of the lawsuit, the legislature is only allowed to initiate redistricting in the first regular session following the census, not during a special session.

But Republican State Representative James White of Woodville said the creators of the Constitution specifically wanted politically charged state legislatures to be in charge of drawing up congressional districts.

“For people who talk about it, they only talk Republicans about maintaining Republican control, it’s not about politicians or the political class, it’s about voters,” White said Tuesday.

The third special session of the 87th Texas legislature begins next Monday.

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