Red Raider, men and women, finish second in TTU Open

LUBBOCK, Texas – The field team through the Red Raider opened the season with some strong individual performances, as both the men and women finished in second place at the TTU Open.

“Overall, I’m proud of the effort of both teams,” the head coach said Jon Murray. “Everyone did as well as they could in this race and we have a good idea of ​​what they can do to improve both personally and as a team. It will be good to be back in training these next two weeks.”

Second year of Texas Tech Edward Rush he won the men’s 4km with a time of 19: 38.6 getting a point for the men on the way to a runner-up with 76 points, finishing ahead of UTEP.

Other prominent representations emerged Walker Hendricks with a time of 20: 29.4 for the completion of the top 15. Luke Estes (20: 31.10) i Owen Likins (20: 34.2) completed the top 20 finishers finishing 17thth and 19th respectively.

“Great EJ Rush effort,” Murray said. “His career was controlled and comfortable. This team will continue to work and find the right combination for success. There were a few that ran well and some that didn’t run as well as expected, but as that we bring them all together, the results It was good to see Walker Hendricks competing again. Last year he had difficulty coping with the illness and has returned with great determination. “

A pair of Red Raider women finished in the top ten of the 5K with Jazmyn Martinez leading the way with a time of 18: 51.2 to get a sixth place result. Just behind her, in seventh place Halena Rahmaan who finished in 19: 03.6 to get seven points for the women who reached the second overall with 61 points.

Sharon Chumo i Binta Ka picked up the top 15 finishes for women. Chumo crossed the line at 19: 21.9 for a 13ththe place ended and Ka finished right behind her with a time of 19: 25.9 at 2 Kyra Young she finished out of the top 20 with a time of 19: 50.2 (a PR for her on the field).

“This is a good starting point for women,” Murray said. “Jazmyn did a good job leading the group. Two big improvements for the group were Sharon Chumo i Kyra Young. Both showed significant improvements over last year. “

Next up for the Red Raiders is the Cowboy Jamboree on September 18 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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