Remains of a 5-year-old boy from Texas found in the Colorado mountains

According to an affidavit, the mother and her boyfriend were suspected after Domenic Patrick Aguilar-Acevedo died at a Texas hotel in July.

DENVER – The body of a 5-year-old boy was found near Fraser a month after authorities believed he was abused and died in a Texas hotel room, according to a complaint in the case.

Domenic Patrick Aguilar-Acevedo, 5, died July 25 at a hotel in San Antonio, Texas, according to the Bexar County, Texas complaint.

His mother, Nickolle Cristina Aguilar, 25, told authorities the night before her boyfriend Daniel Garcia, 27, threw the boy against a wall and the boy began vomiting. He was not asked for any medical treatment, the order says.

Aguilar told authorities she and Garcia drove to Colorado the next morning and camped near the Rocky Mountain National Park and then left Domenic’s body near his campsite, according to the order.

They then drove south to Mexico and continued on to Costa Rica, the order says.

On August 16, Aguilar’s mother questioned her about the boy and Aguilar explained to his mother what had happened. The mother then contacted the San Antonio police department and the FBI, according to the order.

The FBI interviewed Aguilar, who confirmed the information he had told his mother, according to the order.

A month later, on August 25, authorities found Domenic’s body near Fraser, in a deep ravine. He had been exposed to the elements and activity of the animals, the order says.

Aguilar and his mother traveled to Colorado in search of “doing the right thing” so Domenic could have a proper burial.

The Larimer County Forensic Office did an autopsy. The final results were pending, but evidence of trauma was found, according to the order.

An order was issued for Garcia and Aguilar on suspicion of injuring a child who died. Aguilar was under arrest. It was unclear if Garcia was also arrested.

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