She Bruning and Texas won Washington

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – She Bruning, from Texas, made history in the Little League World Series only by posing as the only girl in this year’s competition and the twentieth girl to have played in the Baseball World Series.

Still, Bruning didn’t get a participation trophy and scored the first run in the 6-0 win over Texas against Washington.

This is the first time a team from Abilene, Texas, has appeared in the Little League Baseball World Series, so the win was also their first win at Williamsport.

“When we found out the 12U was starting and we did All-Stars, we knew it was our biggest chance to get this far,” Bruning said. “I dropped softball over the summer so I could do that, because that’s once in a lifetime.”

Ella Bruning, of Texas, hits the ball during Friday's game against Washington.

Bruning marked his career at the top of the second inning. After a single touchdown pass, Washington pitcher Sanath Chari hit the ground hard, but he refused the attention of the trainer and rejoined his teammates on the pitch. He then took advantage of two wild throws to take the third and then home.

On the mound, Dylan Regala, Myles McCarty and Landry Pate shared the victory for the stop. Regala threw the first two innings, eliminating three batters and allowing just one hit. McCarty also allowed just one shot and had two strikeouts, and Pate added twice despite throwing just 11 pitches in the sixth.