Steve Sarkisian on Texas’ second film: “I love the offense’s improvement”

In a reversal of the first preseason field fight at the Texas Longhorns last week, Saturday’s second key fight produced more positive results for an offense that caused consternation when the two quarterbacks fought.

“I thought the offense was playing pretty well today,” head coach Steve Sarkisian said. “I thought they did a good job controlling the fighting line: we ran football well, which in turn I thought the quarterbacks had a good day. I thought they were efficient with the ball, they took advantage of the field opportunities when they were there and in the end I thought they were controlling the tempo. “

The defense responded towards the end of the scrimmage with three and three outings on the field, but the main story of the day was the offense at a higher level.

“I love improving the offense,” Sarkisian said.

The running back position may be the strongest unit of the team thanks to the star power of sophomore Bijan Robinson, the constant contributions of young Roschon Johnson, and the additions of Alabama and Jonathon Brooks ’versatile Keilan Robinson rear end to the recruitment class of 2021. Sarkisian noted that Brooks, a summer enrollee, has become a factor in recent internships.

But the runners need a good offensive game to be successful and Sarkisian said the group has also played better this week. The first year of the red jersey, Andrej Karic, is becoming the first backup in the attacking position, with the first year Hayden Conner as a swing player contributing to the defense or right attack, and the Tope Imade supergroup in the mix as another inside backup.

Thanks to the ongoing quarterback competition, however, the main plot was the performances of junior Casey Thompson and freshman Hudson Card. As usual, Sarkisian approached their work as a duo rather than doing it individually, but if there were concerns about the possibility of receiving quality contributions from the eventual headline, Saturdays slowed down a bit. .

During the first fight, Sarkisian was very disappointed that the two quarterbacks abandoned their preparation, making mistakes that included an interception thrown by Thompson and taking too many sacks.

Sarkisian and quarterbacks coach AJ Milwee challenged the two players coming out of this fight and responded with strong practice on three of the four days leading up to Saturday. In the game-like environment provided by the approximate play of 100 plays, they continued the positive trajectory.

The two quarterbacks took care of football and controlled the tempo offensively, whether it was movement changes or speed mode. They were able to complete passes to keep the drives going and get the ball to the players in space, but they also hit the field plays when they were open.

“I would say they played to win football today, and that is the norm, right? I mean they are putting us in a position to win games and they did, ”said Sarkisian. “First of all, it starts with taking care of the ball. The second aspect of this is to manage the offense … And the third thing, I thought they took advantage of the opportunities when they were there ”.

Last week, the quarterbacks took too many sacks, in part because their eyes weren’t right; as they struggled to identify coverages, they held on to the ball for too long. On Saturday, the ball came out on time and accurately, reducing the number of sacks and allowing the attack to keep the units with an efficient game.

While there is still no timeline for Sarkisian to name a starter, the Texas coach reiterated once again that he is comfortable with the ability of the two quarterbacks to contribute.

“We’re probably in a better quarterback position than a lot of people because I think we have two guys who can play,” Sarkisian said. “Now, I believe in having a headline and having a backup, but when I know it, I have a backup that can play at a high level and operate our offense as we want to operate, this is really a luxury for us. because there are a lot of teams that may have a new starter that is a front-line man, but their backup may not be very capable. “

Asked about the possibility of playing the two quarterbacks against Louisiana, Sarkisian did not rule it out if the starter ends up fighting.

A better wide receiver game helped the quarterbacks on Saturday. Texas did not have receiver Troy Omeire, who suffered a “subtle strain” of the knee during Wednesday’s open session and could be out for several weeks, but Sarkisian said young Joshua Moore was the player of the game, an important fact later of position The group fought during the first fight.

To move forward, staff will meet on Sunday to begin preparing a two-depth depth table. On Monday, the team will move to the new southern area for the first time. With classes set to begin on Wednesday, the Longhorns will move from preseason mode and begin preparing for the season opener against the Ragin ’Cajuns in two weeks.