Take To Take From Texas Longhorns Scrimmage: QB Battle needs more work

Texas opens the season against Louisiana-Lafayette’s No. 23 to start the Steve Sarkisian era. Now classified, the Longhorns no. 19 will be in full swing if they lose a top 25 of the first matches to start a new campaign.

Maybe it’s good that Texas still has three more weeks. The first thing they have to do is find out the quarterback battle.

Casey Thompson considers playing quarterback similar to that of a NASCAR driver. You need to master the turn before hitting at high speed to the right.

“You have to find that threshold of the speed or the speed with which you can go and turn that corner,” Thompson said Wednesday. “If you don’t try it in practice, you’ll never know the game.”

Practice is perfect, right? A good thing no matter a mix or Longhorns fans may have to get into DEFCON 3 as they head towards DEFCON 2.

Sarkisian said Saturday that both Thompson and Hudson Card, a freshman, fought Saturday. Like the previous week, where the first-year head coach said that decision would be difficult, he is still entering the second week of camp.

The difference? Saturday was a negative day instead of a positive one.

“Neither of them met the standard that I consider acceptable and I think what they consider acceptable,” Sarkisian said.

Sarkisian said Thompson billed a bit of a flare pass in a fight. Typically, a veteran knows how to hold the ball rather than risk checking. Maybe the junior saw something worth forcing?

As for Card, there was nothing to report. Sometimes no news is good news. It was not like that.

Sarkisian said the practice is making the decision on who to start wearing. However, when it comes time to show off, things change.

Sarkisian said, “Suddenly, we’re going to a mix format and we didn’t apply the things we had been doing all week.”

Part of the reason for a fight is to show what a player under pressure can do. Both Thompson and Card disappointed inside a closed Darrell K Royal-Memorial Stadium

“The key to the drill is to apply preparation to performance and we’ve been too inconsistent in doing it today,” Sarkisian said. “So the two guys who will come in next week have to take the practice representatives and finally apply it to the fight next Saturday.”

Thompson still earns his Alamo Bowl victory. In practice, he has been the vocal leader of the crime and acts as a member of QB in Texas.

Card, whose advantage may be stronger than last year’s No. 2 option, is trying to lead by example with the “rah, rah, rah” approach.

There is no right answer on how to play quarterback in the locker room. A quiet guy can kill you in the field when the lights are brighter. A vocal presence could meet the standards and no one would make an eye.

This is Texas, a team looking for the right coach and a Big 12 title for the first time since 2009. All that matters is that the gunman can get the win.

Based on Sarkisian’s reaction, neither is ready to take the next step in the battle for QB1. = Hard love can be a tool to help anyone reach their potential.

Right now, it’s needed on the QB site.

“The reality is I’m probably harder in that position than in any other position on the field from the coach’s perspective,” Sarkisian said. “We demand a lot from them and we won’t settle. We’ll keep pushing them to be the best so we can be the best. So I have to find that right threshold to find where the roof is right now.”

– Sarkisian highlighted the defensive line as one of the strongest groups for Texas ’entry into the year. Led by attacking Keondre Coburn and veterans Jacoby Jones and Moro Ojomo, this is a unit that replaces Ta’Quon Graham and Joseph Ossai at the edge.

Alfred Collins, Bastrop’s sophomore, should be Graham’s replacement in Pete Kwiatkowski’s 4-2-5 look.

– Sarkisian also mentioned stability at the rear point and tight ends. When asked about moving Alabama’s Keilan Robinson, Sarkisian said his role would be a “changing boy” who would predict a good attack.

“He’s a changed player,” Sarkisian said. “He’s smart. He’s good on special teams and, not being a big man, he plays a physical football brand.”

– As for wide receivers? There is some work to be done. Sarkisian pointed out that there is always room to grow, but Saturday was one of those days when he knows more could have been done.

Sarkisian said: “I thought we were playing well, frankly, in today’s zone, and we need to be better. I didn’t think we were playing with the sense of urgency we are used to playing with. ”

Texas is once again the top Joshua Moore receiver for the 2019 season. Along with him are Jordan Whittington, Marcus Washington, freshman red shirt students Troy Omerie and Kelvontay Dixon, as well as true freshman Xavier Worthy.

– The secondary could be the team’s bread and butter in 2021. Sark is pleased with the growth of names like Anthony Cook, Brenden Schooler and D’Shawn Jamison, but others like BJ Foster and Jerrian Thompson are also playing to the fullest. .

“We have some depth in it,” Sarkisian said. “We’re trying to find the right mix, which we talked about at the beginning in the field of what this right mix is ​​with nickel, safety, and things like that.”

– New striker Ben Davis returned to practice for the first time since joining the squad. Earlier Saturday, Sarkisian said the former Alabama cameraman was not treating “anything serious,” but did not reveal the injury.