Texas A&M University COVID-19 update on procedures, testing, reporting and more

August 29, 2021, 9:00 p.m. CDT

The latest COVID-19 guide on procedures, tests, reports and other useful information can be found on this dedicated site. We update this site regularly and suggest you check it out.

Vaccines and facial coatings

Although Texas A&M does not require vaccines against COVID-19, students, faculty and staff do very encouraged to obtain a vaccine against COVID-19 and use face coatings, especially indoors (vaccinated and unvaccinated people). Learn more about getting the vaccine on campus at no cost here: tx.ag/VaccineInfo. Other vaccine sites in Brazos County can be found on the Health District website.

  • Vaccines are very effective against serious illness and death after infection with any variant of the virus, according to the CDC, which said the majority of patients hospitalized across the country, 97%, are not vaccinated.
  • The Brazos Valley, a seven-county region that includes Aggieland, had no beds available at the ICU since Saturday. Of the 582 hospital beds, 27 were available.

All vaccinated and unvaccinated Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff must take a COVID-19 test provided by Texas A&M by September 10th.

Find test sites and times on campus: tx.ag/GetTested

If you TEST POSITIVE or have symptoms of COVID-19:

  1. Stay at home
  2. Take the test
  3. Complete report form: tx.ag/ReportingPortal
  4. Notify appropriate campus members
  5. Supervise yourself and get assistance
  6. Determine when it is safe to return to campus

More details: tx.ag/PositiveGuide

If you are EXPOSED to someone with COVID-19:

  1. Determine if you are a close contact
  2. Complete report form: tx.ag/ReportingPortal
  3. Notify appropriate campus members
  4. Quarantine, if not vaccinated
  5. Self-monitor, if vaccinated
  6. Take the test (3 to 5 days after the exhibition)
  7. Determine when it is safe to return

More details: tx.ag/ExposedGuide

Note: Vaccinated individuals should only be monitored if they were exposed, while those who are not vaccinated should be quarantined.

Aggies Living on Campus

Campus residents who test positive for COVID-19 or are exposed to someone who test positive should submit the COVID-19 report form and inform residential staff. Residential staff are prepared to discuss available options and guide you through the following steps. Some residents may be able to isolate / quarantine themselves in their own room or apartment, depending on their unique location and where they live. Residents who are in a location beyond a five-hour drive from College Station may have the option to isolate / quarantine at an alternative campus location.

Each case will be evaluated individually.

Contact the Living Residence Department at 979-862-3158 or visit their website at reslife.tamu.edu for more information.

Campus residents are encouraged to be proactive and now formulate a plan for where they will go if they get sick or exposed, even those who are completely vaccinated. Residents are strongly encouraged to return to their permanent residence to isolate / quarantine them and to save limited resources for residents who are unable to logistically return home to isolate / quarantine them.

Read all COVID-19 student guidelines for fall 2021: tx.ag/StudentGuidance21

Read all COVID-19 guidelines for staff / faculty for the fall of 2021: tx.ag/SFGuidance21

While we all hoped the pandemic would not be a problem this fall, it remains an important factor influencing the way we live, work and study. Thank you for all you have done to keep Aggieland safe for the past 1 1/2 years and for your continued efforts to keep you and your community healthy.