Texas committed Maalik Murphy’s highlight in the first game of the season

A potential future Longhorns quarterback played his first game of the senior season last night, but how did he do it?

Texas commitment Maalik Murphy, a four-star prospect according to 247Sports, is someone who has very limited experience as a college incumbent. His youth season was reduced last year and he previously had no limited action. The California native plays at local junior high school Junipero Serra, who had his first game of the season against Orange Lutheran on Friday night. Murphy couldn’t overcome some breaks as his team lost 31-20.

The game was messy according to Mike Roach of 247Sports, who attended to explore the future Longhorn. Murphy received a hard hand before the match, as his best receiver was due to COVID-19, and only got worse during the game.

He would continue to lose his best playmate and Texas four-star teammate Rodrick Pleasant, who suffered an injury on the first record. Roach also reported that his No. 3 receiver would fall later in the game also with an injury. Murphy’s offensive line also fought powerfully, which kept the future Texas quarterback under constant pressure.

Roach also explained that the trade was sometimes very questionable, as Murphy threw what looked like a touchdown pass, but was later called incomplete after the receiver pigeoned and rolled to catch the pass. His team also lost a buzz in which Roach saw the runner so clearly low.

However, Roach said Murphy himself looked much improved since the last time he saw him play in the spring. Here’s what Roach had to say about Murphy’s performance:

I thought he improved some things that hit him in the spring. Overall, the match seemed to slow down for him and he showed off two bad moments. There were several times in the spring when Murphy felt pressure and withdrew from a major loss or was forced to pass coverage. He also seemed to struggle with time and ball placement. Overall, I thought it was much better in terms of those two areas, and it seemed like the offense they designed was more favorable to the quarterbacks and helped mask some of the shortcomings they had in the team.

Roach would later identify what Murphy still needed to work on.

Now for bad. There are still times when he thinks that his incredible arm strength can do almost anything. Twice that night he tried to do a play and threw interceptions. First, he saw security sinking in and, although he was close enough to break the ball, Murphy tried to get it in there thinking he could fit it. After the match, he admitted that it was “Brett Favre”. a. His second forced ball came in the final roll of the match when he tried to throw a deep stick into double coverage with the clock ticking and Serra needing two goals. He looked more annoyed at that throw than the first interception and blamed himself.

Murphy didn’t have the game he wanted and caused a couple of interceptions. However, he still showed towards what fans of Steve Sarkisian and Longhorn have been excited about his potential, making some great throws, running and going through a touchdown. Let’s take a look at some of Murphy’s highlights from his first game of the season.

Maalik Murphy eludes the pressure and rushes for a first down