Texas companies play an important role in refueling the space race

AUSTIN (Austin Business Journal) – Texas has always played an important role in the country’s space exploration, but with new startups dedicated to exploring what is beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, Lone Star State is leading the ongoing effort to country.

Elon Musk moved much of his SpaceX operation to South Texas, Jeff Bezos has Blue Origin in Van Horn near El Paso and a lot of space technology companies with a combined venture capital of $ 6 billion they feed more growth.

Firefly Aerospace in Cedar Park, the launch of EXOS Aerospace satellites in the Dallas metroplex and Intuitive Machines in Houston are emerging companies.

But in the heart of seeing what is really out there is not necessarily curiosity, but cash.

Tom Miller of KXAN spoke with Brent Wistrom of the Austin Business Journal about all space technology developments in Texas. You can read the rest of the ABJ story on the Austin Inno website.

Credit – https://www.kxan.com/news/local/texas-companies-play-a-large-part-in-refueling-the-space-race/