Texas companies share how they survive the pandemic KLBK | KAMC

HEWITT, Texas: When the pandemic began in March 2020, it changed the lives of many people and, for several small business owners, left them in the unknown.

“People have pivoted and been able to get not only business, but to find different aspects of the business. They didn’t know they could use meaning, ”says real estate agent Daniela Rodriguez with Turner Behringer Real Estate.

Daniela and her husband have just branched out into their own real estate business, although they moved to a new city without knowing anyone and, going through a pandemic, were able to see a silver lining.

“We had this thriving community ready for us to get into work, and even though we couldn’t get together in person, people were very prepared to do business,” Rodriguez says.

2020 was difficult for several businesses, as some happened during the pandemic, but for small business owner Spencer Ferrell, it was not. Ferrell opened Drive Hydration Spa earlier this year.

“Our business thrived during the pandemic, just because we make high-dose vitamin C immunity bags,” Ferrell says.

Last year he showed business owners how to adapt to keep their businesses in the fleet.

“When we opened, we were mobile. We have a trailer to reduce costs and we would only drive it to people’s homes or to different events, ”says Ferrell.

(Jessica Rivera contributed to this report).

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