Texas lawyer dresses up as “Halloween” killer Michael Myers for strolling on the beach and is handcuffed by police

An actor disguised as Michael Myers from the “Halloween” franchise is seen in 2018 at the premiere of a movie in Los Angeles. Mark Metzger (not pictured) was dressed as a character when he was cited for disorderly conduct on Monday. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – A Texas lawyer received an appointment Monday after dressing as Michael Myers of the “Halloween” franchise, with a bloody-looking knife, and taking a walk on the beach ahead of the tropical storm Nicholas.

“I did it for the people, the tourists who are trapped here,” said Mark Metzger III, the Galveston area lawyer who was arrested by police during Monday’s trick. “Honestly, they didn’t expect a tropical storm to appear, but they’re stuck here in their hotels … so [I] he thought a little, maybe they can laugh. “

The Galveston police department, however, said they received a call from a spectator concerned about the sight of a masked man walking along the beach. Officers arrived shortly afterwards and determined the knife and blood were fake, but cited Metzger for disorderly conduct, he said.

Police had also briefly put Metzger on the handcuffs, as seen in a photo taken by a witness.

“I think it was a ridiculous date,” Metzger said. “But I think they had their hands tied and I understand they had a job to do. I’m respectful of that. “

Meanwhile, Metzger says he often makes silly jokes in the area, even attending the city’s July 4th parade dressed as Michael Myers. He also organizes his “floatilla” of unicorn pool toys to float through the downtown streets when rain floods the area.

“[We] give people trapped in their buildings … something to look out the window and laugh at. “

On Instagram, Metzger hinted that the appointment would do little to deter him from making another call and “giving positive vibes to this world of hardship and pain.”

“So if I walked a fool on the beach during a storm in disguise and then if I was arrested for disorderly conduct, I would get none of that … I would do it all day again every day,” he wrote in line.

And what about the date itself?

“We have the largest judicial system in the world,” he said. “We’ll let the courts find out … The cooler heads will prevail.”

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