Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is repeating the racist coronavirus claim

Amid growing outrage over comments blamed on black Americans for the growing number of Texas coronavirus cases, Lieutenant Dan Texas Governor Dan Patrick on Friday blamed the culprits for “social media trolls.” Speaking to Laura Ingraham on Fox News Thursday night, Patrick said, “COVID is spreading and most of the numbers aren’t vaccinated. Democrats like to blame Republicans for that. Well, the group more Many Americans have not been vaccinated in most states, and the last time I saw it, more than 90% voted in favor of Democrats. “The statement is not true. In a statement released the next day, Patrick tried to shift the focus from his initial observation about the “largest group” to vaccination rates: “Democratic trolls social media came late to misrepresent the facts and fan the flames of their lies. State and federal data clearly indicated that vaccination rates against blacks are significantly lower than rates for whites or Hispanics. “