Texas Longhorns dedicates the field to Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams

AUSTIN (KXAN) – On Saturday, the University of Texas officially dedicated the field to the Royal Darrell K Memorial Stadium to its two Heisman Trophy winners, Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams.

Campbell and Williams sided with University of Texas President Jay Hartzell and athletics director Chris Del Conte before the Longhorns’ home game against Louisiana and saw the new name unfold. Campbell-Williams Field, in the southern part of the stadium.

The camp was formerly dedicated to Joe Jamail, a former University of Texas student who gave the university great success in 1997. The change to the Campbell-Williams camp was made at the request of the Jamail family.

Campbell was the first winner of the Texas Heisman Trophy. Ricky Williams became the second Heisman winner of the program in 1998, breaking the NCAA record in running yards.

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