Texas Longhorns served a harsh dose of reality by the bully Arkansas

Watch the KXAN breakdown of the 40-21 Texas Longhorns loss on the video player above.

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The Texas Longhorns offensive was under constant pressure, facing a defensive line that dominated the batting line and hostile environment of Razorbacks Stadium on Saturday night.

Steve Sarkisian received a harsh dose of reality from how far the Longhorns should go before they become true contenders after a 40-21 loss to Arkansas.

The Texas offensive line was overtaken as no room could be created for the Longhorns runners. Starting quarterback Hudson Card fought powerfully, completing eight of his 15 passing attempts for 61 yards.

Casey Thompson replaced Card at the end of the third quarter and provided solid work for Texas, scoring two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Too little and too late.

“We were a little nervous for whatever reason. I don’t think it was about the look we were prepared for. We just didn’t play by our standards. We calmed our nerves a little, unfortunately, it was too late “, said Sarkisian after the match.

Texas has not been undefeated in its off-conference programming since 2012. This streak will continue one more year.

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