Texas No. 1 volleyball ready to meet high expectations, hopefully winning the national title

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The nationally ranked No. 1 Texas volleyball team will make its regular season debut Friday when it will host the University of San Diego at Gregory Gym. The match will start at 6 p.m.

Gregory Gym is known for having one of the most rigid environments in the country and the Longhorns are delighted to be back at Gregory Gym, with the presence of fans, which was not the case last year when they played at the Frank Erwin Center.

“Now it’s almost surreal that we get a chance to go play in front of our fans at Gregory, you know we have players who have been in their second year for now, but who haven’t played in front of their people,” he said. Elliott. “So it’s an exciting time and I can’t wait for them to experience it.”

The preseason and low season were much more normal for Texas, which makes outside hitter Logan Eggleston incredibly grateful.

“Our team is completely vaccinated, so we feel pretty safe, you know all over campus and everything, I think knowing this year that we’re more prepared for COVID than last year, we spent a whole season , so we know how to handle everything, ”Eggleston said. “I’m definitely excited about this year. I think it’s going to go a lot more fluid and I think we’re really prepared for whatever happens.”

Despite last year’s madness, Texas runs the national championship game. The Longhorns lost to Kentucky in four sets.

“He definitely left that bad taste in our mouths and pushes us, motivating us during the preseason and will definitely propel us when we get to mid-season,” Eggleston explained. “It will definitely push us, but I think we have said it even though we have come this far, this is a new team and we can’t rely on what we did last year to push ourselves and get the same position this year, because , it ‘s a bit of both. “

This season, he is expected to do so well, even better, with a national preseason ranking no. 1, in addition to being chosen first in the survey of the 12 great coaches.

“In the last forty years, a team that hasn’t won in the finals returning only four teams has returned to the final,” Elliott noted. “It’s a huge task, almost all the seniors who had a fifth year came back, so I think it’s the toughest field we’ll have to face and it’s going to be a really good volleyball, but what an opportunity for our girls to go in there and mix it up a little bit. “