Texas Nonprofit Needs New Place to Store Homeless Supplies

Operation Care International needs a new place to store supplies before losing the lease next month.

As she raises her hands to heaven, Susie Jennings demonstrates that she believes in the power of prayer.

And right now he needs a miracle.

“We need a big miracle to help the homeless and the poor,” Jennings said.

As a former nurse, Jennings has helped many people, but never cared for the homeless.

“Because when I was growing up in the Philippines, one of them slapped me on the market,” he said.

I wanted to change. Inspired by his faith, he asked a question of God.

“What can I do to serve you?” she asked. “And then he told me to go under the bridge and help the homeless. So I quit my job to care for the poor and the homeless. “

He started a non-profit organization called Operation Care International.

For the past twenty years, it has become one of the most vital service organizations in the state.

Each year, Operation Care provides commodities to thousands of homeless northern jeans. Everything is stored inside a Dallas warehouse.

For the past 15 years, an anonymous donor provided the money for the building.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this donor can no longer pay the rent. Jennings and his team have said they have until the end of September to leave the warehouse.

If they can’t find a place to go, all the things they have for the homeless will be destroyed.

“Thousands of homeless people will not be able to get our gifts, because we will not have space for our products,” Jennings said.

You need to find donors or a new warehouse to store everything they have.

He has a few weeks to find help, but he doesn’t give up hope.

“Nothing is impossible if we trust God,” Jennings said. “Therefore, I trust that God will touch the hearts of the people who help us.”

This is because he believes that when you ask “how can I serve,” you will always get an answer.

For more information or to make a donation, visit www.opcare.org.