Texas Rangers lose to the Los Angeles Angels in the Disneyland parking lot

The Texas Rangers got a minimum baseball point, but the Anaheim Angels got four.

The Rangers played a game of baseball that they tried to win tonight, but waited exactly two outs in the ninth inning to end up scoring a run so they wouldn’t win. This is because their opposition scored four runs, that is, more than one, so they won the game.

Kolby Allard allowed all of these races, but only three won in 5 23 tickets released. Meanwhile, last night’s winning pitch achieved a three-run home run, which in the end turned out to be a funny difference.

Game player: Demarcus Evans gets the head to give Texas 1 13 goalless baseball innings with two attacking shots.

Until next time: It’s a four-game series, so the Rangers will try on Sunday to have a chance to reach a tie in Monday’s final with LHP Taylor Hearn ready to start against something called Janson Junk. The first launch of Angel Stadium is scheduled for 3:07 pm CT.

Credit – https://www.lonestarball.com/2021/9/4/22657879/texas-rangers-lose-at-disneyland-parking-lot-los-angeles-angels