Texas separatists are collecting signatures on Texarkana to support his cause

TEXARKANA, Texas —Some Texans, long known for their independent streak, have rumored dissatisfaction with the state of Washington, DC

“A lot of people in Texas believe it’s time to‘ stop the (federal) government, ’” said Nancy Platt, an activist for the Texas Nationalist Movement.

TEXIT activists were in Texarkana on Saturday to inform others of their efforts.

“We believe Texas can be governed more efficiently and with less corruption than is exhibited at the federal level,” said James Lowry, a Red River Army Depot civilian. “Afghanistan is the latest example of a series of things that demonstrate the rotten state of the federal level. Just watching it continue, it’s clear things aren’t good.”

Activists met with people looking for more information in the Walmart parking lot, next to Texas, on New Boston Road. A good breeze and solid clouds made the conditions more comfortable for a Texas August, so people came to hear what they had to say.

Arron Eason of Texarkana, Texas, was one of those who approached to talk to TEXIT spokespersons.

“TEXIT, Texas independence, I think the discussion has merit,” he said. “I think the Texas government can do a better job than the federals right now. Where they are now has taken many years to arrive, the frog in the pot boiling water. That would also take years, a grassroots effort, to to develop.

“I’ve seen weird things before, like the relentless partisan efforts against President Trump (they voted for him twice, even though he wasn’t a supporter until he started in the primaries). From my perspective, Bernie Sanders was in a position to win the Dem nomination, but some elements interfered.I am not a fan of Bernie as he was pushing communism, that was clear.But his level of success proved that something was not working. Something is not working yet. “

The Texas Nationalist Movement began its efforts to collect real signatures in July.

“Our goal is to gather enough signatures to have a non-binding referendum for the separation of Texas in the 2022 Republican primary vote,” Platt said.

“We started this because of the lack of response from state representatives on this issue. We had the opportunity to introduce HB 1359 during the recent special legislative session. They basically blew us up. It never came out in committee.”

(More information about the Texas Nationalist Movement and an online petition for Texas separation signatures can be found at https://tnm.me/)