Texas teachers have been asked to hook colleagues who promote “radical policies and strange theories.”

DALLAS: Some Dallas Independent School District teachers woke up with an email this week asking them to ratify any other employee for promoting the so-called “critical theory of race” and the fluidity of predatory genus ”. And they are not happy about it.

Two teachers who received the email on Wednesday shared their reactions with The Daily Beast. Both teachers asked to remain anonymous for fear of being reported in the midst of an increasingly tense environment for teachers.

“I was incredulous that someone took the time to write it down and disperse it,” a middle school teacher told The Daily Beast. “I clicked the unsubscribe button and indicated that my reason for unsubscribing was that ‘this is racist and homophobic rubbish.’

“When I saw the email I thought,‘ You have to joke me, ’” one elementary school teacher said. “I knew this was a view of many conservatives, that there is some plot in public schools to make white children feel guilty about the atrocities of history or to make children afraid to be straight,” but this only comes from sensationalist information. Even the most radical teachers do not make children feel responsible for the things their ancestors have done. “

The e-mail, which feared “radical politics and strange theories,” painted an apocalyptic picture of today’s classrooms and invited recipients to be heroes in this distorted reality: “The game is facing children, parents, and teachers. they want to do the right thing. But with your help it doesn’t have to be. “

“It seems to come from a conservative echo chamber that doesn’t know how public schools work.”

– Dallas high school teacher

This effort to turn teachers into informants in a delirious crusade against the teaching of so-called “critical race theory” comes after the Texas legislature passed new HB3979 law banning the principles of CRT in schools. Although conservatives have fueled panic on the subject, it is not taught in elementary or middle schools, and many public schools have already been forced to make statements that make it clear that “critical race theory” is a subject that is taught at university level.

However, the rage over the right-wing issue has continued, coming after and in many ways reflecting the controversial efforts of Texas conservatives to gather advice on anyone seeking or providing abortion services.

“It seems to come from a conservative echo chamber that is unfamiliar with the running of public schools,” the high school teacher said. “Our curriculum is full of literacy, math and test preparation. We do not have time to teach theoretical concepts at the level of law school.

CRT is an academic movement made up of academics and civil rights activists that seeks to critically examine the intersection of racial and American law and challenge major American liberal approaches to racial justice. But in 2020, conservative activists like Christopher Rufo began publicly using the term “critical race theory” to denounce all sorts of anti-racist education efforts. Since then, the CRT has become a key word for fear that children will be “brainwashed” into thinking that all whites are fundamentally racist.

The email released this week, leaked to The Daily Beast by a DISD teacher, was sent by Natalie Cato, president of Save Texas Kids. Save Texas Kids is a advocacy organization founded by “mothers and fathers in (sic) Texas children who refuse to allow the curriculum to fit the demands of” progressive “” awakened “leadership.” according to your website.

“The idea that race theory, or anything about racism, should be hit in the vulnerable minds of children is exactly why Save Texas Kids was created,” the website says.

In the email, Cato said he wanted children to learn the horrors of slavery and the evils of the Jim Crow system, but also that we have come a long way in overcoming these injustices thanks to the heroism of the leaders of the civil rights such as Dr. Martin Luther King, and that 40 years later we elected the first black president of our nation, that Dr. King said it would be the definitive proof that the United States was NOT a racist nation.

It should be noted that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. he never made that statement. In fact, King spoke passionately about the polite racism of white liberals. “I hoped that the moderate white would understand that law and order exist with the aim of establishing justice and that when they fail in this purpose they become dangerously structured prey that blocks the flow of social progress,” he wrote. King to the Birmingham Prison Letter.

Cato also wrote that he opposes school boards and school administrators alleging that they are “pushing the idea that biological sex does not exist.” His examples included “boys who tell them they can shower? with girls if they identify as girls “and” girls are told to compete with boys in sports simply because a boy says she’s a girl. “

These statements echo the claims of conservative lawmakers about transgender sports students who have reached the headlines. But few advocates have been able to cite concrete examples.

Cato, who does not reside in the school district, did not respond to requests for comment prior to the publication of this article.

In 2017, the district passed a resolution that Dallas schools would create shelters and shelters, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. This includes modest accommodations, such as addressing a student by their preferred pronoun.

Save Texas Kids is one of more than 160 groups across the country that have recently emerged to disrupt lessons on race and gender, according to an NBC News analysis of organizations ’press releases and promotional material. In the Dallas area, several have appeared to provoke outrage and participate in school board elections.

In April, two nonprofit groups searched for controversial flyers in the rich Park Cities enclave in Dallas, who wanted to ignite the flames of an already heated school board race.

One of the groups, Park Cities Parents Unite, emerged amid fighting over COVID-19 protocols, and the group also embarked on the fight against CRT and transgender students. Its travelers denigrated students participating in civil rights protests. It is unclear who operates and finances the 501c4 group.

On August 25, Park Cities Parents United shared a “school board watchlist” on its Facebook page, an initiative that “finds and exposes school board leadership that supports anti-American, radical, hateful teachings. , immoral and racist in their districts, such as critical race theory, Project 1619, sexual / gender ideology and more. “

The other group, Metroplex Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, sent a flyer earlier this year, slandering one of the school board’s career candidates as a “New Jersey Liberal” who had a BLM sign in his garden. ”And worked as a“ Diversity Officer ”.

The treasurer of Metroplex Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, hotelier Monty Bennett, issued a statement to the Dallas Morning News at the time: “Everyone knows that the harassing culture of the left-wing media is about twisting what someone says to make a conservative look bad and a leftist,” he wrote. “It makes no sense to counteract the distortions and distortions you will no doubt write in this article.”

These efforts have caused school board members to resign with frustration across the country, creating a political power vacuum for the most rabid activists to fill. Now, with the rise of bounty hunting sites and state-sanctioned abortion advances in Texas, it’s not just school board officials becoming political targets.

In a statement to Spectrum News, Save Texas Kids said they hoped to identify individual teachers so they could confront school and district officials.

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